The Town of Light – A Short Review

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The Town of Light – A Short Review about the Recently Released Psychological Horror Game

Games and horror might seem like an oxymoron but believe it or not, there are many psychological horror games out there in town that can send a shiver down your spine. It is advised that people with a timid heart should never try to play or even experience them. There is a small segment of the population that likes playing such games. Call them sadist or whatever you like but their needs are catered by the gaming industry. ‘The Town of Light’ which is a physiological horror game is confirmed to be released in the second quarter of this year. Here we have provided for you a short review about this upcoming horror game.

This is a multiplatform game that is inspired by real events. The developers of this game have done extensive research and have collected a lot of information about what it was like to live in an asylum in the 1900s. It also shows the lives of mentally ill people who live in an asylum. The building in which this whole game is set is inspired by Volterra Psychiatric Asylum which was located in Tuscany, Italy and was operational until the 1970s. After the 1970s, this asylum was forced to close its operations because it followed some cruel practices.

This game is designed for adults and it is advised that children under 18 years of age should not play this game. The designers of this game informed the people in a press release that the game has some difficult moments which would not be appropriate for underage players. The designers and developers of the game said that they’ve included such moments so that they could portray the sufferings of mentally ill people as it was in the 1900s.

In this game, the player will play as a character called Renee. Renee is a fictional character that is a resident of this Volterra Psychiatric Asylum. Although, the facility is now closed, or should we say abandoned, but it seems that Renee has returned to piece together her past. The PS4 version of this game has much more improved features and also has new gameplay elements. Some gamers are even expecting that the PS4 version of ‘The Town of Lights’ will be much more immersive.

The craziest thing about this game is that there is no mission or purpose. There are no levels through which you can progress. Some people might get dead bored after exploring the full Volterra Psychiatric Asylum. Thus, we would advise our fellow gamers only to buy this game if, and only if, they want to explore the environment and condition in which mentally ill people used to be treated. Keep visiting our website for the reviews of the upcoming games and other tech-related news.