The Next Generation of Roomba Vacuum Cleaners

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When it comes to high end vacuum cleaning, nothing beats the Roomba vacuum cleaner. This innovative product was initially launched in September 2002 and has come a very long way since then. For the past few years, the Roomba has been dominating the vacuum cleaner industry as it made cleaning fun and completely hassle free. All you had to do was push a button and leave the rest to the Roomba Vacuum cleaner.

But after recent developments, it seems that Irobot has taken steps to further cement Roomba as the leading vacuum cleaner in the market by aggressively searching for opportunities within the scope of a connected smart home. This latest update includes a seamless integration with Amazons Alexa, which will enable each customer with convenience that they could previously only imagine. Amazon’s Alexa in essence is a unique gadget that allows customers to interact with multiple devices using a voice recognition feature.

It allows customers to interact with their devices in an intuitive way that provides them with absolute comfort and convenience. Previously, Alexa was integrating with a whole array of gadgets including smart watches, televisions and now it seems that it has entered into the vacuum industry with its integration with Irobot. Now every homeowner can seamlessly integrate their Roomba vacuum cleaners with the Alexa integrated device, and if that’s not enough, this update is available for every model!

New Features Of The Alexa Integrated Irobot

Combining the adaptive skills of the Roomba and the visual localization of the Alexa will completely change how every homeowner cleans their home. Now instead of using a remote or getting up and pressing the power button on the Roomba, every homeowner can simply use the voice activation program to control this gadget.

Besides this, the new update has other sublime features which will completely revolutionize the way we clean our homes, these features are compatible with every Roomba model so that every home owner can enjoy these updates. Now, with this update, the Roomba will provide every homeowner with an extensive clean map report. This map will be visible to the customer inside the application. It will provide accurate information about the area the Roomba has cleaned and the time it took to complete the job. This will allow users to see how effective this gadget really is, as it has the capacity of covering each corner of a home in a timely manner.

Another feature that has taken the market by storm is the Dirt Detect feature. This provides the user with a report on which area of the home has accumulated the most dirt and how the Roomba has effectively spruced up that area. Lastly, this update includes a push notification feature, which will constantly notify the user on the cleaning status of the home. It will also notify the user when the gadget has completed its task of cleaning the home.

So, if you are one of those lucky Roomba owners, simply download the Alexa application on any android or iOS device and enjoy tremendous control over the Roomba and other gadgets in your home!