The New LTE Enabled Apple Watch Series 3 is Out now!

Apple Watch Series 3
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Finally, all speculations about the much awaited Apple Series 3 Watch have ended, as the company officially launched this superb LTE enabled watch at a mega event on 12th September at the Steve Jobs Theatre in California.

Apart from the three new iPhones that got launched in the same event, this long anticipated watch became the limelight for many, who were eagerly waiting for its official launch.

Available in two models, including one with just GPS connectivity, and the other with both GPS and Cellular Connectivity, this new Apple Watch Series 3 is truly a delight for every gadget freak.

The main aim of designing this watch is to enable the user to stay connected even without an iPhone. This indeed is a big step towards making a whole new independent mobile device that can be worn right on the wrist.

How is it Different: Now, for those of you who are still curious to know the difference between the Series 1 and Series 3 Apple Watch, here is a detailed comparison.

Well, first of all, both these watches differ in terms of internal capacity. The former comes with mere 8 GB capacity, while the new Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a double 16 GB capacity.

On the other hand, the former comes with a simple OLED Display, while the new one comes with the latest 2nd generation OLED Display. Lastly and most importantly, the former was missing the much desired cellular data connectivity, which is very well incorporated in this newly launched Apple 3 Watch.

LTE Connectivity: The main highlight of this new Apple Watch Series 3 is that it is LTE enabled. This means, it allows you to take and make calls and messages even when you are away from your iPhone.

Using a different connection, this amazing watch can use your same phone number to message, text and call as per your wish, without any difficulty.

Convenient Tracker: This superb cellular enabled watch is easy to carry by simply tying on the wrist to track your workout stats. This interesting watch has been designed to work in coordination with smart heart rate apps to keep a track of the heart beat rate of the user.

Moreover, Apple is trying to improve its heart rate apps to enable this watch give the heart rate even at a resting position.

Latest WatchOS 4: At the same time, we would like to mention that this new Apple Watch Series 3 comes with the smart watchOS 4 for enabling you to stream through 40 million songs in Apple Music right from your wrist.

This is not all, due to watchOS 4, this third generation watch from the house of Apple will give the user tracking data for workouts, walking, breathing sessions and resting periods as well.

Attractive Design: Although, in terms of looks it is not very different from the earlier model, the new Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a new red crown to add an additional bit of visual clarity for the user.

You will get to see a new pattern of woven nylon in its strap that makes it very lightweight and comfortable to be worn all day long.

Vivid Colors: This time, the company has introduced a new Blush Gold color to complement it with the latest iPhone color. Then there is a beautiful silver color and space black color available in this amazing watch.

Besides this, the Apple Watch Series 3 comes in a new Dark Gray Ceramic color, but only in high end models that used to come only in white color earlier.

The size is almost similar to that of the previous models of Apple Watches; it is just the back crystal that has been extended upto 0.25mm this time. This again is a waterproof watch like Apple Series 1 and 2 Watches.

Processor: During the official launch of this much awaited Apple Watch Series 3, we came to know that this one comes incorporating the latest Dual Core Processor that offers almost 70% enhanced performance.

Besides, there is a smart W2 Chip for better wireless and Bluetooth connectivity along with improved power efficiency on this smart watch.

Battery Life: Talking of the battery life of this watch, this new cellular enabled Apple 3 Watch will offer upto 18 hours of battery life, but this may be shorter depending on its heavy usage.

Price & Availability: As far as the pricing for this newly launched Apple Watch Series 3 is concerned, in the mega event, it was revealed that its cellular version is priced at $399, while its non-cellular version is priced at $329 only.

Those itching to buy this amazing watch from the house of Apple can pre-book starting September 15th, 2017. It will begin retailing in stores  a from 22nd September, 2017.