The Atari – SpeakerHat

The Atari - SpeakerHat
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Atari, the company that Steve Jobs had worked for before Apple happened, has just released pictures of a new product in the wearables segment, which they have named SpeakerHat.

The hats (three in number) will be released to the public at the San Diego comic con next week along with a special edition commemorating the release of the sci-fi movie Blade Runner 2049.

Atari, a name synonymous with the gaming industry, has since the turn of the millennium, been faltering with countless mergers, takeovers, and bankruptcies. The name that was once in a league of its own in the arcade era has since dwindled down to nothingness.

The Atari SpeakerHat

The Atari SpeakerHat is a baseball cap infused with Bluetooth speakers, as a result of which the product can be can be categorized as a wearables device. The super cool looking flat bill hat has Bluetooth speakers and a microphone.

Atari has gotten into a partnership with Audiowear to develop this product, and all the details seem to have lifted by the company from the Audiowear website verbatim.

The thin and very lightweight hat is equipped with a set of two speakers and a microphone which can be linked to any Bluetooth hosting device. So music and calls are taken care of, albeit with a few hindrances.

Atari says that eventually all the SpeakerHat wearers can sync up with each other and listen to a single stream of audio at the same time.

The hat is rechargeable and powered by an embedded lithium ion battery. The hat also features universal control buttons along with a LED indicator light as well as a synchronous broadcast mode (in the event that a bunch of people actually want to listen to the same audio stream that too in public).

Where to Buy?

The Atari SpeakerHat is not exactly going to be on sale even after its comic con debut, but instead what the tech geeks can do is register for beta testing of the product. Atari is on the lookout for ten such lucky candidates for their program.

A gimmick or the ‘real deal’

Well, it’s not very innovative to add a set of speakers to a hat, but pioneering, yes it is! No one, till date, has come up with an actual product wherein a hat has speakers embedded in them.

There is a video on YouTube which shows that the hat is the real deal and not just a movie based farce by showing us it’s unboxing and music playback capability.

Once the SpeakerHat hits the stores, it is sure to become as popular, if not more, as Google glass. Until you actually manage to lay your hands on this wearable gadget, it wouldn’t be a bad deal to try and get on that list of beta testers and be amongst the first to use the SpeakerHat!