The all new Samsung Galaxy Note-7 knocking the market doors

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The most unorthodox and celebrated series of Samsung family has been the Note series. It took the market by storm when got launched in 2011 coining a new term 'phablet'. Samsung is all set to serve you with the next generation of the series. Samsung Galaxy Note-5 is going to be succeeded by Note-7 omitting the moniker 6.

The new phone in the string is called Note-7 to bring it in unison with S-series of the fraternity. To maintain a consistent body aesthetics across the whole range of Samsung Phones caused the omission.

The device features a dual-edged bezel free 5.7 inches curved display, motivating an era of bezel-free smartphones. The rear of the device is also beautifully curved. As promised to accommodate larger screens in smaller form factor, Samsung proves to be triumphant.

The new device has added some inches to its thickness. Despite that, by trimming the width of the phone from 76.2 millimeters to 73.9 millimeters, and limiting the weight to 169 grams, Note-7 is ready to cozily complement your hands.

Another exception of the series was the stylus which also got compacted now. It weighs merely 3 grams and has a tip of 0.7 mm. Some new attributes of the stylus are- pinning a memo permanently on screen, text enlargement up to 300 percent and lingering over the texts for real-time translation(31 languages support). Colors can be blended like in oil paintings while drawing and the art can be shared through an integrated pen up social media. Stylus now is capable of writing on a wet display, a useful feature for monsoons.

Display is almost the same 2560 x 1440 quad HD (518 pixels per inch). The processor has been upgraded to octa-core, snapdragon (2.3 GHz quad+1.6 GHz quad) which is also being provided in S-7.

Internal storage of the phone is 64GB expandable till 256 GB with microSD. RAM is maintained at 4GB and battery is enhanced from 3000 mAh to 3500 mAh chargeable in the same time by the virtue of USB-C type charger (with adaptor). The rear camera is 12 megapixels as in S-7.

The Note-7 also plans to astonish you with some new colors making their debut. Retaining the standard Gold, Black, and Silver, Samsung brings you a very new 'Coral blue' a relatively soft color which company intends to present as a unisex color. It's much appealing than the earlier shade of blue.

Your new model is going to be water and dust resistant and is secure from water immersion up to a meter. Also, it brings some amazing security features viz. iris scan lock and a new secure folder. It retains Samsung Knox and fingerprint scanner.

Samsung has started pre-orders of the new Note. It is expected to hit the retail market on August 19. The price of the device is not yet fixed. Early buyers of the phone will get some free accessory and all the buyers can have five gaming packs free download.