The all new iMac and iMac Pro

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Apple has moved a step further and launched two astounding desktops in one go at their latest WWDC held a couple of days ago. The launch of the new iMac and a beast in the form of the iMac Pro have already garnered positive reviews all across the international platform. It was not expected that Apple would be updating the iMac in this year’s WWDC, so when the announcement was made, it created a frenzy of shock and excitement. The new iMac promises to bring a plethora of new additions which would make it stand above the rest when it comes to delivering consistency and reliability in performance. Besides the iMac Apple went a step further to launch the iMac pro as well, which has been labeled by both manufacturers and analysts as the most powerful desktop to be launched by the tech giants.

The need for an iMac Pro was felt from a long time as the performance of the Mac Pro was dwindling with time. During April of the current year, some top members of the hierarchy from Apple had indicated towards a need for an upgrade in the iMac, within the users. Both the iMac and the iMac pro are powerful desktops in their own regards and formidably cover every aspect that a buyer looks at before purchasing the best desktop.

The iMac Pro and iMac: Design

Besides the basic improvements in the quality and other minute details, the design for the iMac hasn’t changed a great deal. On the other hand, the iMac Pro is said to have a darker shade in an opulent space grey casing.

It is not just how it looks, which creates a difference. The iMac Pro is host to a completely new set of in-house thermal architecture. The new fan system, in this regard, promises to give an astounding increase of 80 percent in the cooling capacity of the iMac Pro. According to the manufacturers, the new cooling system and other upgrades give ease of use to the customers, without giving any hint of noise.

The iMac Pro and iMac: Processor

The new upgrade to the iMac will feature the new Intel Kaby lake processors, which rank the desktop a step above the rest. The Intel Kaby Lake processors in the Non-pro iMac model would ensure that the processors are running at an exemplary speed of 4.2 GHz (The speed of the processor can be increased to 4.5 GHz in the turbo boost mode).

The processors of the different non-pro iMac models will be of the following types:

21.5” iMac

  • 2.3 GHz i5 dual core.
  • 3.0 GHz “ “ “
  • 3.4 GHz “ “ “
  • 3.6 GHz i7 quad core (BTO)


27” iMac

  • 3.4 GHz i5 quad core
  • 3.5 GHz “ “ “
  • 3.8 GHz “ “ “
  • 4.2 GHz i7 quad core (BTO)

On the other hand, the new iMac Pro will come with a manufactured 8 core, 10 cores or 18 core Xeon Processors, which would make the desktop, the most powerful one ever made by Apple. Xeon chips help in the smooth running of applications that have complex data present within them, as they bring on board more reliability and sturdiness than a normal core chip. The chips also make use of an error correcting code or an ECC RAM, which can stop undue errors from shutting down your computer.

The iMac Pro and iMac: Display

The new innovations made in the iMac will all boast of new and better retina displays. The retina displays will increase brightness by a whopping 43%. Furthermore, the retina displays, as promised by Apple, can recreate up to a billion different colors.

The inculcation of the new retina displays in the iMac means that users would now be able to enjoy a display which matches their demands and leaves no flaws whatsoever.

Mac users will still not be able to experience a double up option, where they can use their desktop as a touch screen as well. Apple is not willing to introduce this feature in the Mac currently, and in the near future. Apple’s VP of software Craig Federighi communicated in the launch event, that the iPad pro offers a better, feasible drawing experience which caters to the need for a touch screen.

The iMac Pro and iMac: Ram

The upgrades made in the Ram are worth mentioning, as Apple has really upped their game in this regard. The Ram offered on the non pro versions of the iMac will be up to 32 GB on the 21.5” versions and 64 GB on the 27” versions. The upgrade is something that users have been wanting to experience, and will be happy to witness.

The iMac pro on the other hand, goes a step further and offers a standard 32 GB Ram, which can be increased to 64 GB and 128 GB when the device would be up for grabs during the end of the year.

The iMac Pro and iMac: Storage

The fusion drive with all of its various benefits has now been made a part of all 27 inch configurations and some of the top grade 21.5 inch models. The flash function within the fusion drives makes them stand above the rest when it comes to delivering feasibility to the users. The difference that is created through the use of the fusion drives is so astounding that it is suggested you go for the build-to-order fusion drive while making the order for your iMac. The non-pro iMacs will be offering different categories of 1 and 2 TB of storage, with or without fusion drives. The iMac Pro will offer 1 TB SSD as a basic, which can be configured up to 4 TB SSD according to the user’s needs.

The new version of the iMac and the iMac Pro would add to the way that Apple has reached out to its users through the Mac. The iMac Pro is the tech giants most powerful device till yet and is supposed to create an unparalleled sense of excitement within the users.