Tap Wearable Keyboard – A Device Beyond Imagination

Tap Wearable Keyboard
Tap Wearable Keyboard
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The world is going wearable with smart wearable devices getting launched every now and then! Now, comes the innovative wearable keyboard, does that sounds strange? Well, yet we are talking about the amazing Tap Wearable Keyboard that can be worn to turn your hand directly into a keyboard.

Designed to get rid of the traditional QWERTY keyboard, this innovative tap keyboard from the house of Tap With Us is truly a revolution for the smart generation. This one is surely a device that can actually change the way people interact with the world around themselves.

The uniqueness of this keyboard lies in the way it enables you to tap and turn anything you touch in a mouse and keyboard instantly. This wearableBluetooth enabled keyboard is just like a dream come true for those who want to cross the bars.

How it Functions: All you need is a tap to control this amazing Tap Wearable Keyboard once you tie in to your fingers. Remember, each time the user taps the fingers or even glides the thumb, a command, a character or cursor location is instantly sent to the Bluetooth device connected like your tablet, phone, smart watch, headset, computer and even smart television.

Enjoy Apps & Games: Explore a whole range of apps and games with utmost ease wearing this Tap Wearable Keyboard that is a hub of exciting apps that will help you learn the art of tapping and texting as well as mousing in fun ways.

Tap into Endless Functions: Tap yourself into endless functions with this world’s first tap wearable keyboard and mouse. The device comes embedded with a whole series of sensors that actually monitor the mechanical information given by the user by tapping the fingers and movements of the hand.

This information in form of hand gestures is then processed accurately by an MCU that is fitted in its strap to decode the raw data to ultimately transmit the real characters and commands through a Bluetooth radio. You can literally tap into any surface and use it as a keyboard with this interesting device that is fun to use anywhere and anytime.

Decent Battery Life: Tap Wearable Keyboard offers a decent 6 hours of battery life on a stretch, which is sufficient for a single go on a single charge. With the device, you will get a charging case that has been designed to easily charge this keyboard and also keep it safe once it is charged and not in use.

Bluetooth Enabled: As told before, this particular keyboard is Bluetooth enabled and can be connected to a series of devices through Bluetooth connectivity. Designed with the sole aim of simplifying typing for users, this keyboard offers Bluetooth connectivity with any device that supports HID Keyboard Standard like Window and Mac PCs, tablets, iOS and Android phones.

Price & Availability: This revolutionary wearable tap keyboard is available for pre-booking at a mere price of $129.99, which is quite affordable for today’s smartness seeking smart generation.