New Google Home Mini and Max Speakers

New Google Home Mini
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To surprise us, Google unveiled not one but two home speakers on Wednesday in its mega launch event that was held in San Francisco. Apart from launching the much awaited Google Pixel phones, the company raised the curtain off its Google Mini and Google Max Home Speakers.

Both these home speakers are considered to be excellent products to expand the Google Home Family. These high-end speakers from the house of Google are packed with the amazing power of Google Assistant and many more interesting features.

Google Home Mini Speakers: As the name suggests, Google Home Mini has been designed to fit comfortably in any room, be it small or big. The fabric enclosure around this particular speaker from the house of Google is very durable and transparent enough to allow sufficient passage of both sound and light through it.

What make Google Mini Home Speakers even more amazing are its LEDs that are fitted in such a way that they light up the fabric whenever Google Assistant is ready to hear you. The amazing 360 degree sound produced by these speakers is simply mind blowing.

Fitted with powerful far field microphones, Google Mini Speakers are able to hear you even in a noisy atmosphere, where music is being played in the background. Such is the power and incredibility of Google Mini.

These round shaped mini speakers are easy to control and can also be streamed through Bluetooth.

Google Home Max Speakers: If there is mini for small spaces; there is Google Max Home Speakers for bigger rooms. Capable of redefining audio in the best way possible, these new speakers can produce high quality sound through a premium hardware.

Google Max Home Speakers incorporate amazing dual 4.5 inch high excursion woofers for a balanced and deeper bass effect. You can trust these speakers to produce  loud and real music in the largest of rooms.

Believe it or not, but at the event the officials made it clear that Google Max Home Speakers are at least 20 times more powerful than the originally launched Google Home Speakers. Unlike Google Mini, Google Max Speakers are big and rectangle shaped to spread loud music evenly in bigger rooms.

Powered by Google’s own artificial intelligence, Google Max Home Speakers can adapt to any environment, preference and context in seconds to dynamically produce best sound effects. To top it all, these speakers can be easily connected via an auxiliary port and Bluetooth.

Price & Availability: At the mega event, Google announced that Google Mini Home Speakers are going to be available in eye catching colors like Coral, Charcoal and Chalk. All you need is to spend just $49 to buy this particular new product from Google.

On the other hand, Google Max Home Speakers can be bought in colors like Chalk and Charcoal. Louder music and enhanced sound quality has its own price, and therefore, Google Max Home Speakers are priced at $399.