Sony’s Robotic Dog AIBO is back in action

Sony’s Robotic Dog AIBO
Sony’s Robotic Dog AIBO
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What those of you whondont know, it’s been more than a decade since your favourite robotic dog Sony AIBO was buried under ashes. The good news is that now, the same old Japanese electronics maker, Sony Corp, is back in action and wants to rebuild its lost reputation by rebooting the old AIBO robot dog.

The news of the revival of AIBO robotic dog came just after Sony officials were seen confirming that the company had reported the highest ever profit this financial year. It is believed that this is a nine year high for the company, and perhaps this is the reason that the company is enthusiastic to work on its long lost AIBO robotic dog.

Revival from the ashes: AIBO was first launched by Sony in 1999 and after selling about 150,000 such robotic dogs, the company ceased its production due to pricing struggle.

This time, however, Sony is more confident about its improvised AIBO dog and knows that the price won’t be an issue with interested buyers because similar products are emerging all around the world and getting a rave response.

Designing and Looks: AIBO, this time, will be designed in an ivory white puppy size with about 30 cm hound made of plastic and matching flapping black ears. It will also have a wagging tail and behave just like a real dog does, with the exception of those dangerous canine teeth.

In its eyes, AIBO will feature OLED screens for displaying emotions, while in the nose, there will be a camera to click photos, whenever required or instructed by the user.

This upgraded AI infused AIBO dog, at the same time, will incorporate a series of smart sensors, cameras, internet connectivity and microphones too for an overall enriched robotic functionality.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): This time, the newly revived AIBO will behave like a pet dog but with AI or artificial intelligence. It will be able to interact and coordinate with its owner as well as surroundings with much far greater ease than ever before.

Major improvements are expected to be incorporated in this robotic dog this time to make it an instant hit amongst technology lovers.

Improved Sensing and Movement Technology: Sony is  using the latest state-of-the-art technology to reconstruct the long forgotten robotic dog. So, you can very well expect it to come with improved sensing and movement technologies.

In the meantime, in a decade, many similar robots came and AIBO was kept on hold, but now, this newly revived AIBO dog is expected to get widespread success. In fact, the makers at Sony are quite confident that AIBO will stand out without any difficulty this time are garner the interest of people.

Price & Availability: From what we know, the makers at Sony are still working on some parts of AIBO robotic dog, and therefore, it is expected to release worldwide not before January 2018.

At the same time, be prepared to burn a hole in your pocket if you really wish to own one such cute robotic dog for yourself and family, as it is expected to be priced at not less than $1,739.