Share & Discuss Videos by new Messaging Service by Youtube

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Last year, in the month of May, the YouTube officials revealed that they have developed a new feature and are now testing it with a limited number of users. They were tight lipped and didn’t disclose anything further. Finally, the YouTube officials have spilled the beans. They’ve announced that they have developed an in-app messaging service that will be integrated with the YouTube app. This feature will allow the users to freely share and discuss videos only with their friend(s).

Currently, this feature is only available for Canadian users who use YouTube iOS and Android app. Using this feature, you can share a clip or a video with multiple friends, invite more friends, chat with them and it is even possible to reply them with another video or clip. Moreover, the video shared will play within the chat window so that you can watch the video while also viewing the comments of your friends. You can also express your liking for the video shared in the chat window. This is done by clicking a small heart sign. Click here if you are curious to find out more about how this cool new YouTube feature works.

This new feature was tested and was used by the people who were a part of YouTube testing team but now finally this feature is available for all Canadians. YouTube’s blog mentioned the reason for choosing Canada for rolling out this feature. The blog said that Canadians share more videos than an average YouTube user. To be precise, Canadians share fifteen percent more videos than other users. This is why they will be the ones that will quickly start using this feature and if any bug is found out it will be dealt with before rolling it out for all users.

The main aim behind developing this feature is to keep the users of YouTube within the YouTube app and to let them discuss the video with the friends. After adding it to the chat window, you can also add other friends as well. Many people who have used this feature are of an opinion that this new feature is similar to that of Facebook’s video service.

Although the feature is currently only available to Canadians, but still you can try it out. Just ask your Canadian friend to invite you to the chat and hey presto you will be able to use this feature. For all those who do not have any loonie friends, they must wait few months until the feature becomes available to them. According to YouTube, the feature will be made available for the users all over the world only if the Canadian experience went successful and all the bugs have been removed.