Samsung S7 Review

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The Samsung S7 is the perfect depiction of cutting edge technology. This sublime smartphone has redefined what a phone can do by taking user convenience to a whole different level. This phone has surpassed its predecessors when it comes to being user-friendly and that’s due to its refined facet. Like all other Samsung phones, the S7 has Samsung’s business persona instilled into the phone to give it that unique touch that consumers love.


The Samsung S7 has been designed to perfection with its sleek body and curves. Without compromising on the size of the screen, this phone fits perfectly in the hands and its weight ensures that every user can comfortably use it. The S7 design gives users a glimpse into the future, as its design is something extra ordinary, with its unprecedented lines that provides a smooth finish. The Samsung S7 has been crafted using a melded 3D glass with curved metal alloy to create this superlative phone.


What really sets Samsung apart from the rest of the pack is the quality of the camera embedded in their phones. The Samsung S7 is every photographer’s dream with its low light performance features, something that has never been done in previous cameras. This innovative phone has a dual pixel 12mp with image sensor that has two photodiodes and also has a professional grade pixel sensor. This camera is also loaded with brand new features including motion panorama, which allows users to capture movements in panoramas, the result is a seamless sequence of crystal clear frames. Another feature worth mentioning is the motion photo, which captures those beautiful moments before the picture is taken.


The Samsung S6 has taken mobile gaming to a completely different horizon. This phone can support the Vulkan API, which means that it can support even the heaviest games that have high definition graphics. There are multiple new features in the game center including game play recording, close alerts while playing games, and a sleek app to upload all of your gaming clips online with ease. This phone is perfect for all of those gamers out there who want a phone that can handle the latest games.


This innovative phone is just as beautiful inside as it is outside, it has a powerful processor with a custom CPU and a 4GM ram. It also has an external memory card slot for memory extension and has the capacity to run two SIM cards at the same time. This phone is 30% faster than its predecessors and has longer battery life as well. These batteries are designed brilliantly as these phones charge much faster and do not heat up if over charged. The S7 will be fully charged in exactly ninety minutes which is a feat that most phones with such powerful processors could never achieve.