Samsung S7 Edge Review

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The Samsung S7 Edge is another perfect example of how far we have come with technology. This sublime phone is packed with every feature one could possibly think of. The combination of its sleek facet and powerful processor is the main reason why this phone has been such a huge success in the market today. Samsung has taken technology to a whole different level with this profound phone as it has redefined the possibilities of what a phone can do.


The Samsung S7 edge is streamlined to perfection, it has been crafted using 3D glass and curved metal alloy to create this unique phone. The Samsung S7 edge has a Quad HD and is exactly 5.5 inches, this size of the phone ensures that it fits perfectly in the palms of their users. Besides this, the phone has a stunning display of 534 PPI, which is the personification of beauty. The Samsung S7, although is bigger than its counterpart, it is still designed in such a way that it fits perfectly in your hand and pocket.


When it comes to camera quality, there are very few phones that can give the Samsung S7 a run for its money. This phone is equipped with a high definition camera that has a low light performance. It has a F1.7 lens and a 1.4um embedded in the image sensor. This ensures that users can take beautiful pictures even in the darkest of places. Besides this, the Samsung S7 Edge has a professional grade dual sensor camera of 12mp which can focus as quickly as the human eye. This camera is perfect for people who love capturing moments to remember all of their lives. Also, the phone is loaded with new features including motion panorama, motion photo, and spotlight.


The Samsung S7 edge is one of the first smartphones that has the capacity to support the Vulkan API. This phone can accommodate even the most intense graphic demanding games out there. It has a power processor that ensures that every game runs smoothly without any lag. The game center is every gamer’s dream as every user’s games are stored in one place. This game center has all the features necessary to provide a gaming experience like no other. The game tools give users the flexibility of turning off alerts while playing, taking screenshots and even uploading clips online effortlessly.


The Samsung S7 edge has breathtaking beauty and a powerful processor that is unparallel in comparison. This phone has a custom CPU and an incredibly powerful GPU that ensures the phone runs at its optimum level. It also has a 4GM embedded RAM that can be extended through an external micro SD card. Besides this, the Samsung S7 edge also has the capacity to run two SIMS simultaneously without any problems. Compared to its predecessor, the Samsung S7 edge CPU is 30% faster, GPU is 64% faster, and the RAM has increased from 3GB to 4GM. This phone can be charged in exactly 100 minutes and the battery will last 3600MAH under normal use. Besides this, the Samsung S7 edge is charged incredibly fast if a wireless charger is used.