Samsung Modular TV:- Amazing Dancing Modular TV

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The Samsung Modular TV by virtue has given Samsung the bragging rights to claim that they have the largest TV in the industry. This innovative TV gives people a glimpse into what the future holds with its iconic features. Gone are the days when you had to watch wide screen movies with the black bars, now with the Samsung Modular TV you can get a cinematic experience in your living room!

This TV has built upon the concept of modular display technology to create this massive 170 inch television. Unlike your traditional TV units, the Samsung Modular TV has multiple screens that can easily be joined together to create a single large screen. These multiple screens come in various sizes and shapes that allow people the power to customize a size that suits them best. There is no doubt that Samsung has taken the television industry to a whole new level with this modular concept TV, and since it is the first of its kind, Samsung has shown the world just why they dominate the TV industry.

Samsung Modular TV Design Concepts

The Samsung Modular TV includes two designs concepts that exonerate the capability of Modular display technology. One of these versatile design concepts is the world’s largest 170 inch display that provides consumers the illusion of a 3D experience. It involves the seamless integration of multiple screens to create a single enormous screen.

The second design concept in essence is the same as the one mentioned above but with the underlining difference in the size. This concept is targeted for homeowners that simply do not have enough space to install a 170 inch display television. It also involves the integration of multiple screens to create one large high definition television.

Key Features Of The Samsung Modular TV

If you are wondering how the Samsung Modular TV achieves seamless integration of different screens, it’s because of the brilliant design of each screen. These screens have perfect dimensions that integrate with other screens, and once integrated, it is impossible to see the lines between them. The Samsung Modular TV has eight screens that can be divided equally, so if someone wants to watch something else just divide the screens accordingly.

If that’s not enough, this smart TV can be programmed to automatically start showing your preferred television show or when the game comes on. Right in front of your eyes, the screens will start rotating and will integrate to start showing preferred channel at the right time. Besides this, the Samsung modular TV is the perfect TV for gamers, imagine playing call of duty or assassin’s creed on a high definition 170 inch television? The TV itself can easily be integrated with any gaming console, which means it is not restricted in any aspect.

Another key feature of the Samsung Modular TV is that it will change the display ratio according to the content. So, if you’re watching a television show that requires the ratio of 21:9, this smart TV will automatically change according the required specifics.

Although this next generation TV has already started a swift change in the TV industry, it is still in a proto type version and has not been launched yet. For more updates regarding innovative technology. please click here.