Samsung A8 and A8 Plus First Impressions Leaked

Samsung A8 and A8 Plus
Samsung A8 and A8 Plus
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It seems like Samsung has in store many interesting surprise gadgets for us in New Year 2018. Of late, we have come across some fresh first impressions of the much talked about Samsung A8 and A8 Plus smartphone models.

Yes, while the whole world is eagerly waiting for the official release of both these gadgets from Samsung, someone has silently leaked the first impressions online. The looks in the leaked video certainly excite us even more about these phones with appealing design and sleek looks.

Expected to fall in the mid range phone arena, both these soon to be launched phones will be officially released in January 2018. Featuring the best of innovative technologies, these phones from the house of Samsung will do justice to the style quotient as well.

With names quite similar to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, both these phones are believed to br a tough competition to similar phones from the house of Xiaomi and HTC as well. Out of the two models, Samsung A8 will be the lower  end model incorporating a 3000mAh battery.

Display: Now, here are some insights on the display expected to be experienced on both these upcoming Samsung smartphones. To start with, Samsung A8 will sport a 5.6inch Full HD display screen, while the upgraded model or Samsung A8 Plus will boast of a massive 6 inch Full HD display screen.

Both the stunning models will have same kind of AMOLED Infinity Display with slim or no bezels at all. 18:9 is going to be the aspect ratio  on both Samsung A8 and A8 Plus models. Rest assured to enjoy crisp color contrast and brightness on these smartphones from the house of Samsung.

Design: The leaked videos also revealed the stunning looks and designs of both Samsung A8 and A8 + models. Like the recently launched models from the competitors like Google, Apple and HTC, these two will also sport a bezel less or very thin bezel designing.

Although both phones will differ in terms of size, both will be an equal match in terms of design. Face ID is a feature that we expect to enjoy on these Samsung phones that will have finger print scanner right there below the rear side cameras.

A welcome change noticed in both these much awaited phones is that both sport a metallic frame with an elegant glass back. Looks will definitely remind you of the high end phones from the house of Google, Apple and HTC.

On the other hand, we have heard that both the models will be water and dust proof, all thanks to the IP67 certification grabbed by them against splashes and dust. At the same time, we could easily make out from the leaked images that both the models will feature side facing speakers and there will be as such no Bixby button.

Camera: We believe both Samsung A8 and A8 Plus models will share similar camera specifications too. Both are expected to incorporate a brilliant 16MP primary camera at the rear side and another superb 8MP secondary camera at the front side.

While, some also believe that there are going to be not one but two front facing cameras on these phones just like the one we recently saw on Google Pixel 2 or Apple iPhone X. We sincerely believe and hope these two to be a camera lover’s delight with interesting cameras and the new portrait selfie mode onboard.

Rest assured that you will not miss all the latest camera features on these soon to be launched devices from Samsung like geo tagging, touch focus, face and phase detection, LED flash light and interesting modes like HDR and panorama.

Processor: Another similarity expected to be experienced on both these much awaited phones is in terms of their processor. If rumors are to be believed, both models will incorporate a powerful Exynos 7885 processor from the house of Samsung. This is not all, both will offer support to Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS too.

Battery: One key point of difference between these two Samsung gadgets that are set to be rolled out in January 2018 is in terms of battery. While, the former model will come fitted with a mere 3000mAh battery, the bigger and better model will feature a good 3500mAh battery.

RAM & Internal Memory: Now, disclosing what we could make out about the RAM and internal memory of both these phone from the leaked online video is that both these models will be made available in a decent 4GB RAM model.

While, both the phones will be available in two different internal memory options that will include a 64GB model and a lesser 32GB model. You can easily pick the one that suits your needs and fits your pocket because the larger memory phone will obviously cost more.

 Other Features: Amongst other interesting features to be expected on these leaked out models of Samsung, are Samsung Pay for easy NFC transactions. Apart from this, rest assured to get a perfect Samsung Gear VR support too on these smartphones.

Ambient light sensor, barometer, gyroscope, compass and proximity sensor are some useful sensors incorporated on these phones. Moreover, as told before, you will also get fingerprint scanner for an enhanced data security on these devices.

Price: Although, nothing has been officially revealed about the pricing of both Samsung A8 and A8

+ models, the features indicated on these phones does give us courage to guess the price. We expect these to fall somewhere in the price range of $450 to $550.

Moreover, by all means, A8 will be priced less and A8 Plus being the better version will cost you more. This is not all, get ready to spend more for a larger memory phone, in case they get launched in 32GB and 64GB models.

Availability: You may not get too many colors to choose these Samsung A8 series phones from. Gold and black will be the only two color options in which these phones will be launched. As mentioned above, the company is planning to launch these officially by the end of January 2018.

So, stay tuned to grab the latest updates about the exact release date and other specifications of both these Samsung phones.