Samsung 360 Round Camera with 17 Lenses is Out Now!

Samsung 360 Round Camera
Samsung 360 Round Camera
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Samsung, the world-class gadget maker has done it again! This time, it has launched a new and revolutionary camera for those looking out for innovative ways to get images. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the recently launched Samsung 360 Round Camera.

Best known for its 17 amazing lenses, this brilliant camera from the house of Samsung can provide you with a smashing 360 degree footage anywhere and anytime. The most unique thing to note about this camera is that it doesn’t need a fan for cooling and is therefore much quieter and even lighter than other similar cameras in the market.

Sophisticated Design: This newly launched camera sports a sophisticated look with 17 cameras and a decent 2 MP Image Sensor. All this camera weighs is just about 1.93kg or 4.25 pounds to be precise.

This pretty looking camera features six internal microphones that offer uninterrupted support for holding not one but two external mics. Then, there is also an option for USB-C and LAN connectivity too on this Samsung 360 Round Camera.

17 Lenses: As told before, the main highlight of Samsung 360 Round Camera is its 17 powerful lenses that are scattered all around the camera making is perfect to capture images from all angles.

These so-called 17 lenses of this ideal camera from the house of Samsung include 8 stereo pairs that are basically all positioned in a horizontal way, while there is only one lens that is positioned in the vertical direction.

IP65 Water and Dust Resistance: All the 17 lenses of this mind blowing camera are water as well as dust resistant, which makes it perfect for live streaming as well as outdoor shooting in any type of climatic conditions. Thanks to the ideal IP65 Certification of this camera for all this water and dust resistance capability.

360 Degree Round: Talking about the another main highlight of this recently launched camera, we would like to mention that it features the 360 Degree Round Feature that was earlier experienced in Samsung’s Project Beyond Camera.

The main aim of adding this much talked about 360 Degree Round Feature in this particular camera is to make it apt for shooting from all the directions without any hassles.

Superb Storage: Now, revealing you the superb storage of Samsung 360 Round Camera! You will be surprised to know that this camera comes with an exceptional 10 GB RAM and 40 GB Internal Storage.

This is not all, its storage can be expanded upto 2 TB using SSD and upto 256 GB using an SD card. So, you can be absolutely tension-free regarding the storage while clicking images on this perfect camera.

Price & Availability: You can easily order this brilliant Samsung camera online or from markets in the US at the moment. While, we hope that it will be soon made available in all the major global markets.

If you seriously wish to own this amazing Samsung 360 Round Camera, then we suggest you to be prepared to spend a hefty amount of no less than $10,500.