Russia claims to uncover Cyber Attacks on Govt. and Military

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Russia recently claimed a discovery of a major online spy campaign. The cyber attack aimed its governments and military institutions.
The Federal Security Bureau is quite afraid. It states that the malware found intended to spy online on these establishments. It says the institutions included government, scientific, and military ones.
The FSB says that it was a planned attack. The Bureau didn't indicate any suspects. It says that the circumstances hint the inclusion of professionals in the case.
The file names, infection methods and other characteristics suggest a high-profile suspect. The FGSB made the statement based on the unique features of the targeted system.
The FSB disclosed that the virus arrived in a spear phishing mail. It was attached to a mail sent to any Russian email. The virus helped the sender to intercept the data traffic.
The malware when installed various modules on the system. These modules were capable of different activities. The module could track phone calls, microphones, and cameras. It even could take screenshots and log keystrokes.
FSB says it is trying to identify the culprits and cut the impact of the breach.
If the claims are true and not a part of Russian propaganda, China and the US are the top suspects. But it's difficult to pinpoint any particular country to be the prime suspect.
Recently, US Democrats announced a breach. The cyber attacked hacked the emails of the Democratic National Committee. The timing of the Russian announcement seems tricky. Such timing can motivate cynical observers to doubt the claim.
The DMC server hacks embarrassed the whole party. The emails leaked had all the information about the Democrat's campaign. It had the party's plans to conquer Clinton's Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders.
The experts already suspected the breach as Russia sponsored. If the analysis is valid and Russia tried to affect US Presidential elections, it then has scaled up the danger to the cyber world.
Russia denied any intervention to the US election campaign. However, Republic Donald Trump challenged Moscow to hack Clinton's emails.