Recent Uproar Has Forced Google to Revamp Advertisement Policies

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There has been a recent uproar regarding Google’s advertisement policies, as many powerhouse companies have voiced their concerns that they do not want their advertisements displayed next to content that defies their values. Basically, Google has been displaying advertisements alongside controversial content on YouTube and a whole host of other sites. This programmatic advertising apparently cannot stop posting mainstream companies advertisements with extremely offensive material.

According to reports, many brands have assimilated a collective boycott of Google’s advertising program, some renowned names include Volkswagen, Toyota and Tesco. This list of brands includes over 250 companies from all around the world who are voicing their concern about extremist groups using online channels to spread divisive messages and using the internet to influence the public at large. This issue was first investigated by the Times of London who claimed that Google is posting advertisements of the UK government along with contentious material such as nationalism, radicalism and homophobic messages. The underlining reason behind this issue is that Google by virtue is allowing extremist groups to harness the power of the internet to spread messages that will corrupt the core values of our society.

Besides Google, even Facebook has faced immense scrutiny along these lines, especially during the post election era. Many radical groups were using the internet to poison the integrity of our society by posting videos and pictures that target vulnerable groups; this includes messages that degraded people due to their country of origin and because of their social economic status. For a very long time Google has been considered to be the face of digital advertisement industry and this recent uproar questions the values and core value of this powerhouse company. However, Google has recently announced that they are developing multiple strategies to help regulate the digital advertisement industry and curb this controversial issue.

New regulations Google intends to instill in their advertising program

Although these regulations have still not been implemented, yet as there are many intricate details that Google has to take into perspective prior to implementing these strategies. However, some tightening safeguards that Google will introduce in a couple of days are mentioned below.

  • Stricter settings for advertisements to help reduce the probability of advertisements being posted alongside controversial or potentially revolting content.
  • Google will launch new account level controls that will empower companies to regulate code reserve settings to bar sites and channels that post controversial messages or videos.
  • Additional control options that will enable companies to streamline where exactly they would like their advertisements to appear.
  • Google is also dedicating a substantial team to increase their control over controversial calm advertising.
  • According to Google, they will do everything in their power to provide companies with transparency and will increase their capacity and assessment of controversial advertisements and content.

This sharp response in regulation changes exonerates just how integral brand safety is and how they are creating an escalation path that will empower companies to easily voice their concerns. Although this is a step in the right direction, only time can tell how effective these potential strategies and regulations really are.