Qwilr has managed to raise $1.5M

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Qwiler is currently taking the market by storm by transforming normal business documents into attractive websites. They have basically created a platform for people to replace their PDF proposals, presentations and other static documents into interactive WebPages.

This unique service has caught the attention of investors from all around the world as they have currently managed to raise $1.5M to fuel this lucrative project. This funding will help Qwilr bolster its production team and can also help increase the efficiency of its services. Currently their services provide powerful editing, media embedding tools and a superlative library of images that can be used to construct stunning documents. This service offers clients actionable insight and immense control over different interactions, besides this each service is integrated with a CRM and different accounting applications to provide impeccable sales automation. What really makes this platform stand out is the fact that it dynamically resizes large documents so that they can easily be displayed on WebPages and on mobiles as well. This allows businesses to share information in a seamless fashion that is both effective and interactive.

According to Qwilr more than 40,000 businesses from all around the world have started using their services and this extensive list of businesses includes power house companies such as Zillow. The further stated that their services has brought over $250 million quotes for their clients, this exonerates the fact that their services have specifically been designed to help a business grow and enhance their operations. Furthermore another aspect of Qwilr which has helped them achieved such a high magnitude of success is the fact that their services can easily integrate with any business module. This means that a business will not have to revamp any of their departments to start implementing these services into their current organizations structure. But what is really attracting businesses and entrepreneurs alike is the aesthetic facet that Qwilr provides depicts professionalism and a refined personalized touch. This helps businesses attract more clients and also helps them construct data in a systematic manner.

Many people on the other hand were worried that their business’s documents entail sensitive information that has to be secured, but Qwilr cleared any ambiguities about this aspect by stating that they use a high grade security system to protect the data that is being used. They also have multiple features that have specifically been designed to improve the integrity of their services including time limits, view limits and passwords. There is no doubt that Qwilr’s mission of revolutionizing the way documents are presented is going to affect businesses globally. Now through a simple application any business can make mundane documents appear more interactive and mobile friendly. They can use this service to generate leads, attract more clients, share information internally and ultimately increase their profits. It is safe to say that Qwilr will now further enhance their services and take their platform to a whole different level with the funds that they now have at their disposal!