Power Vision Power Ray Underwater Drone:-Virtual Reality

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2016 has been an epic year for the drone industry. There are so many innovative drones out there that are giving consumers a glimpse into what the future holds. The most profound drone that has hit the market with a bang is the Power Vision Power Ray Underwater Drone. Yes, you did read that right, Power Ray has launched a drone that can operate underwater.

This drone is one of the first of its kind as it has taken the drone industry to a whole different level. This waterproof drone can actually reach depths that only seemed possible with a military grade submarine. This drone has the capacity to dive down up to 98 feet under water, if that’s not enough it is loaded with features that seemed impossible a few years ago.

Key Features Of The Power Vision Power Ray Drone

Given below are the key features of this innovative drone and are the underlining reasons why this drone has become such a huge success.

  • Fish Finder: The Power Vision Power Ray Drone actually has an inbuilt sonar component that can detect fish up till 40 meters. This sonar is not limited in any aspect and can detect even the tiniest fish out there.
  • 4k Camera: Even though this drone is supposed to work under water, Power Ray did not compromise with the quality of the camera. This drone has a high quality camera that beams images and videos with 4k quality.
  • WIFI Enabled: Another key feature of the Power Vision Power Ray Drone is the fact that it is compatible with any platform, including iOS and android. Once integrated through a simple app you can store and share all of the pictures and videos you have taken.
  • Substantial Data: If that’s not enough, this high powered drone also has inbuilt data about the underwater landscape. This data constantly keeps getting upgraded with time, making sure that every fisherman knows what’s going on underwater.
  • Temperature Gauge: The Power Vision Power Ray Drone also has an embedded temperature gauge that will constantly let you know the exact temperature under water. This is crucial information for fishermen, as they will know exactly what kind of fish thrive in that area.
  • Fish Luring Light: Another key feature of the Power Vision Power Ray Drone is the fish luring light. Once prompted, the drone will shine a bright blue light under water that will attract fish. This light is backed by scientific research, which means that it actually works.
  • Bait Drop: If that’s not enough, through this innovative drone you can strategically drop bait to attract fish. This is the perfect solution to spreading out bait in a desired location to attract hordes of fish.
  • Virtual Reality: The most outstanding feature of this sublime drone is its option to be controlled by a virtual reality goggle. Just imagine the possibilities as you will have a 3D first person view of the drone, which can easily be controlled by gravity and gestures.

So if you are planning a fishing trip or just want to explore the hidden mysteries underwater then The Power Ray Vision Drone is what you need.