Pokemon Go- Game Review

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Recently Nintendo and Niantic released a game called 'Pokemon Go'. It took no time to hack the minds of the people all over. We gave a shot at the game and found it to be quite a fun. But currently, the game has a lot of issues.
The inclusion of the childhood fantasy character Pokemon in the game can be accounted for the huge popularity it has gained. The game is not officially available in India, but the company has no intentions to stop Indians from having access to it. Here we have a brief review about the game…

# Concept The game has a plain concept. A player has to catch Pokemon hidden everywhere in a replica of his surrounding on the screen. The player gets poke balls with which Pokemon is to be hit to get caught.
Walking around, we also get some eggs that can be hatched in an incubator. Eggs are found at different length coverage. Quite a motivation for a walk. We can visit poke stops and spin discs poke balls to catch Pokemon, Potions to restore hit points, and also the fainted Pokemon can be revived.

# Beautiful UI and fine synchronization If we talk about the best features of the game, we cannot ignore the very fine User Interface of the game. The app has an awesome design which makes the gaming experience a pleasant one. Another feature which is noticeable is the synchronization of the app. App data transfers from one device to other within no time.

# No ads Another good thing about the game is that it's a free download without any ads. Even if we love to play a game, sometimes the existence of unorganized and irritating ads become party poopers. Pokemon Go makes u smile at this front. Being completely ad-free the game can be played without spending a single penny.

# Network and battery limitation 'Pokemon Go' has been tried and tested by us and we know that we can't play it on a network any less than 3G and 4G. It's a big setback for the game as we have many regions with poor connectivity problems. Even a person having a good internet speeds is bound to have a condition of poor connectivity some or the other time. Also, the game drains the battery at much pace.

# Extreme Bugs As of now, the game has a lot of issues. The simple concept is to hit the Pokemon with poke balls and catch him. But in practice, the game freezes before we catch the Pokemon.

# Lack of guidance The game has no proper tutorial. It’s very difficult for a new player to learn the techniques of the game. Even the weakest Pokemon can defeat us convincingly initially.

# Lacking content for Indian Players
The game is unofficially available in India but the experience is very bad. There are a lot of issues. The poke stops or gyms are very less in number. For a country as dense as India its very difficult for a new player to find gyms. The available gyms are already dominated by players on highers levels of the game. A matchmaking system is real important to have parity according to the levels or combat points of players.
Also, same Pokemon are encountered again and again. A lot of Doduo, Pidgey, Rattata and Geodude keep on repeating their appearances. Others seem to be lost.

# Danger of mishaps The game completely captures the mind of the player. This leads to some major accidents and other mishaps while a player is wandering and staring at the phone screen. It also works in cars and other vehicles which leads to severe crashes. We don't get to realize which area we entered seeking Pokemon. India has higher accident and crime rates. The game warns to be aware of your surroundings, better take it seriously.

Nintendo is missing a big chance by not officially providing the game in India. The percentage of people liking the game can be less but still a country with such huge population density can offer a lot to it. The non-availability of the game is real piss to Indians. We shared our gaming experience, you can share you own.