PlayStation VR – a review

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Presently the Virtual Reality in gaming is a huge euphoria across the world. The anxiety and curiosity for the technology are elevated more than even the couple of years back when the motion gaming emerged as a rage among the gamers. The gaming fraternity is accepting VR as the future of gaming technology. Having three VR headsets available in the present market viz. the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, and the PlayStation VR, we still lack that one sublime app that excels all.
SONY recently came up with its VR concept named 'Project Morpheus' now being called PlayStation VR. The company did a commendable job to launch its VR headset at a very right point of time but has its own challenges. Is the technology really smooth? Here's a brief review on the 'PlayStation VR'.
# Setup
PlayStation VR is being served in the upcoming latest edition PS4 Neo. However, you can totally deploy it in your PS4 with the help of an external setup which resembles a mini PS having a couple of cables to be connected to the VR headset. This separate processing unit for the earlier version makes the setting up of VR a tortuous process. It's a setback for a company that has been the prime promoter of the wireless technology.
Another snag is the fragility of the headset. There are serious instructions of not handling it by the eye unit (display). The display is very delicate and is capable of breaking with slightest of pressure. For a device that needs to be shipped widely across the world, there would always be a threat of it getting wrecked.
Once carefully put on, the headset is very light and comfortable with amazing weight balance. The screen slides in the front and needs no external bearings. The display is not quite up to the mark when compared to HTC Vive but still is very beautiful.
# PS VR trial
As a demo of the headset, we tried Battlezone a battle game with a tanker. You need to attack and kill your enemies having control over the tank. A replica of the user controlling the tanker is seen in the cockpit of the armed tanker on the screen with real-time motion in accordance with the player. The detailing of the overall look of the vehicle is quite appreciable.
The VR headset is the first person camera. We have two analog sticks for game controls. Left stick regulates your vehicle while the right stick helps your fire and kill. Head tracking was almost real-time with a minor lag which can pass unnoticed. The device brings the real world into the game with the great resemblance.
Unlike other virtual reality games, instead of HUD, it uses radar-like units. It's a drawback of the VR as the traditional HUD is much better as an interface. Visuals are downgraded when compared to PS4. Oculus Rift's resolution 1200×1080 per eye is much better than the 960×1080 per eye employed which seems a lot less real. Moreover, the available games are better experienced without VR.
# Pricing
The one edge that PS VR has is the pricing. Its price of $399 is a lot lesser than other contemporaries. But if you don't already have a PS Camera then append that too in the price.
The fact that the system is too bulky right now is stopping the VR to reach a specific level of acclaim. Also, not many people volunteer to get completely detached from the real world for a game. If the future brings a more compact VR then we certainly can expect the Virtual Reality games to completely take over. As of now it just pleases a small sized hardcore fan group.