Parrot Disco:-latest form of drone

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The name may sound to be misleading but Parrot’s Disco is in reality the latest form of drone that has been launched in the market. Its design is a lot different than other quad-copters available in the market. This is a fixed wing drone; this is why it cannot hover over a particular spot. The design isn’t new; these types of drones were designed in the past too but they all were for agricultural purposes. Now, for the first time, this type of drone has been designed by Parrot, a French company that is specializes in manufacturing wireless products especially unmanned drones. The recently launched fixed-wing drone is named Disco and it is out for sale for all those drone racing enthusiasts.

Technology and Design

The drone has a 14 megapixel camera that is installed in the front portion of Disco. The Parrot’s Disco can be controlled using a wireless controller which also has a slot that holds the mobile phones. This drone is designed using light weight plastic material which makes flying the drone very easy. The drone can function and fly for hours once it is fully charged.

The landing of this drone is something for which the engineers should really be appreciated. They have made this gruesome task so easy that you can land your drone with just a push of a button without any fear that you’ll break it. This drone can easily land in any kind of terrain and it does not have any wheels whatsoever.

Features and User Experience

The Disco by Parrot has to be assembled before its ready to fly. This drone also comes with a headset that will provide an amazing aerial view to the person flying the drone. The biggest drawback that we have found in this product so far is that the user has to propel the Disco in the air so that it could fly. This means that you need someone with you who can throw the Disco in the air so that the other person can make it fly using the controller.

Once the Disco is up in the air, it would automatically start recording video. You can also take pictures with just one push of button. There is a 32GB internal storage where all the video and the pictures are stored from where it could be transferred to other devices using Bluetooth or a USB connector.

The Disco is designed to fly within a 1.2 miles radius and can climb to as high as 50 meters above the ground. If you do not find the product


For all those people who have always craved for flying like a bird in the sky, Parrot’s Disco is a dream come true for them.