Orbital System has managed to raise £15 Million for NASA Inspired Technology

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Efficient access to pure water plays an integral role in the collective development of a society, but even then, many water projects fail due to lack of integration and the excessive use of water and energy. However Orbital systems have solved this dilemma by developing a new purification technology that reduces the amount of water and energy used while taking a shower. This technology has been developed in collaboration with NASA and its applications are endless.

Orbital Systems is a startup company in Sweden and have developed the most versatile shower system that actually has the capacity of saving over 80% energy savings and 90% water savings. This shower gives end users a glimpse into what the future holds as it has taken the entire industry by storm, this shower has achieved something which was previously conceived as impossible. The OAS shower basically works by creating a closed loop in which shower water is recycled, this idea raised many eyebrows as people were intrigued on how clean this recycled water is after being recycle, but the results are outstanding. This innovative shower has a filter technology that makes sure that the recycled water is completely bacteria free, it also filter outs any other elements that have contaminated the water. This intelligent filter will also discharge any water that cannot be recycled, this means that it will release the water that is contaminated and cannot be recycled. According to Orbital system this shower will only consume 5 liters of drinking water during a shower of fifteen minutes; this is truly remarkable as other standard shower systems would consume more than one hundred and fifty liters of water in the same time!

Another profound feature of this transcendent showering system is the fact that it uses digital technology to restore the temperature in the water. Since the water is recycled within a loop it does not have to heat the water from scratch and can easily restore the water to its original temperature. Furthermore the filter has been trained to identify stuff such as soap suds and shampoo remains that might contaminate the water and will filter or discharge it accordingly. This shower system has been hailed all around the world as Orbital system has made staggering progress in helping the entire world to start saving water.

Not only will these systems help people conserve water but will also help them cut down their electricity bills by a substantial margin. Now the energy consumed to heat water will be reduced as the digital technology will reduce to load on water heaters. According to sources this startup company has managed to raise over £15M to fuel this project, this subtly implies that this company is no longer a startup and can now be considered to be a leading company in their industry. The underlining reason why this system has attracted the attention of investors from all around the world is due to the fact that now Orbital systems can apply their technology on a large scale and create commercial applications for this showering system