Now iPhone users can add Live Photo-to-boomerang on Instagram

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Instagram users were in for a surprise yesterday when the co-founder Mike Krieger announced that iPhone 7 Plus users can now add Live Photo to Boomerang and create great GIFs. Not only that, but users can also choose from a wider range of colors on the micro photo blogging platform. Interestingly, the announcement was made via a couple of tweets.

Earlier a user had to shoot ‘live photos like’ GIFs in Instagram’s standalone app Boomerang. But now Apple’s Live Photos can be converted into Boomerangs directly. Additionally, users of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can share more vivid, and lifelike pictures on Instagram, thanks to extensive color capture and display added especially for these two smartphones. The best part of the announcement and what has made users extremely happy is that these updates are rolled out as it is and no app update is required to use these features.

In September last year a series of features specifically for iPhone 7 devices were first unveiled. Apart from wide color range and Live Photo to Boomerang conversion, these included updates announced yesterday as well as 3D touch to access to Instagram stories camera with.

If you wish to turn your Live Photos into a Boomerang, firstly you need to open the Instagram stories camera. Then swipe up to upload as you would normally do from your camera roll and select one of your Live Photos. What is crucial here is that this Live Photo should have been shot in last 24 hours only otherwise it may not turn into a Boomerang. After selecting this photo, choose preview. Just before you post, tap on it forcefully like any ordinary 3D touch on the screen till you see a little loading circle. Your preview will instantly change into Boomerang that you can share as a story.

Even though users are happy with this update and have welcomed these additions of wider colors and Live Photos, the company is yet to comment about when will they make their much anticipated ‘telephoto’ lens feature go live. It was announced earlier that this would be a 2x optical zoom and a slimmer and neater user interface.

Instagram has been in the public eye for desperately trying to compete with the growing popularity of Snapchat, even though Facebook acquired the former with much fanfare. Snapchat is known for silly yet addictive selfie filters and special geofilters for brand promotions and exclusive places. On the contrary, Instagram has always had a more international approach choosing to roll out features for all audience everywhere. It utilizes drawing pens and location based stickers that work across the globe.

A couple of weeks ago, Instagram had rolled out two more features allowing users to add stickers to post in particular categories such as weather, time and occasions such as Christmas. This can be done using a sticker button that appears on the doodling screen. In another update. Instagram had introduced a video recording feature called ‘hands free’ that enables a person to shoot a video without having to keep pressing the video button.