New Launched LG W7 OLED TV

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LG’s commitment to using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology is apparent from the 10 models it already has which utilize that technology. Its 2017 Flagship model, the LG W7 OLED TV, is no exception. Let’s see what LG has in store!

Specs and Picture Quality

It is available in 65 and 77 inch variants and looks to be more promising than last year’s Picture-On-Glass G6 model. The TV was in the pipeline since 2015 when LG had a vision to make the concept of a “Wallpaper TV” marketable. The LG W7 is the realization of that vision; it is a TV that can be bent at the edges and pegged by magnets to your walls, much the same way as wallpaper. It is ultra slim; only 3mm in depth. The combined effect of a slight bezel and crisp 4K HDR video makes the LG W7 resemble a window, much less a TV.

The 65” W7 design may look like there was a trade-off between performance and style but that couldn’t be farther off from the truth. The black hue levels in the TV are domineering to say the least, with hardly any clouding due to backlight, consistency issues and grayness commonly found in LCD TVs. It maintains that perfect contrast of black and bright colored highlights as expected from OLED technology. The brightness is bumped up from last year’s 500-650 (nit) cd/sqm mark, all the way to 800-1000 (nit) cd/sqm in 2017.

Processing improvements coupled with this brightness boost means that the LG W7 doesn’t compromise on details in HDR viewing quality compared to previous models. However, there was a notable difference in noise and banding, where fine color gradients were involved, although there may be better performers out there. There can be some instances where the TV’s brightness can jump when an image suddenly goes from black to brighter colors because of some issues OLED light handling.

Supporting Features

Now, you may be thinking, “But what about the sound and external device support?” The answer to that is simple: it has a separate and sleek designed control box embedded with ports for HDMI and other plug-ins. A Dolby Atmos 4.2 channel sound system is also seamlessly integrated into the control box and has two circular speakers that are popping out each end. These speakers can deliver a solid punch with Atmos optimized music, which is great for house parties, as it is able to deliver crystal clear sound quality in all areas of a large room. Vocals coming from the speakers feel like they’re coming from the screen itself despite the distance between the two.

The sleek control box is connected by a super slim proprietary cable to the “wallpaper screen.” It is recommended to handle the cable with care during the install and is best left out of your walls if you are doing the installation yourself.


The TV has mesmerizing picture quality, enhanced when running it in Dolby Vision, and a first-in-class design that makes it look absolutely stunning. Not to mention the Dolby Atmos sound support it has to add life to the picture. If you are a tech geek like us, you will do anything and everything possible to get the finances of $10k or more for owning one awesome machine, the LG W7, for all their viewing pleasure when it comes to electronics stores near you, most likely in Spring, 2017.