New Apple TV 4K to be available from September 22nd, 2017

Apple TV 4K
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The mega event held on September 12th, 2017 was a one-stop platform used by Apple Inc., to bring forth a line of products for its patrons. It was a grand affair that saw an official launch of the much awaited iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X smart phones along with a long anticipated and essential upgrade to Apple TV Set-Top Box.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., made it official that now the users will be able to watch TV shows and play movies at 4K Ultra HD Resolution on their Apple TV.

The new Apple TV 4K offers not just one but two features at the same time, and that includes High Dynamic Range or HDR and High Resolution Support for 4K.

As of now, in this mega event, it was revealed that this new Apple TV 4K has been redesigned to offer an exceptional cinematic experience at the comfort of home with crispy, richer and amazingly true to life colourful images. At the same time, Apple TV getting this 4K upgrade is going to make it future ready as the company is also gearing up to launch live sports in 4K resolution very soon.

Amazing User Interface: At the grand launch, it was also revealed that  that the new Apple TV 4K comes with an amazing user interface that has been especially redesigned and optimized for a perfect 4K resolution. The icing on the cake is that those who have already bought HD movies can now enjoy them in full 4K resolution without any additional cost.

In fact, many believe that due to this latest upgrade to the Apple TV, the company will be at par with other popular competitors like Chrome, Amazon and Roku that are big names already in offering devices running on 4K streaming.

Powerful Processor: Now, let us reveal some more interesting facts about the new Apple TV 4K Hardware. Well, this new hardware comes incorporating the more powerful A10X Fusion Processor that is currently used in the popular iPad Pro.

Apart from this, the new Apple TV is designed to provide CPU performance that is two times faster than the previous model launched by the company. With this new processor and CPU, this latest Apple TV model will offer playback of 4K content @ 60fps.

Dolby Vision Technology: This new generation of video streaming, Apple TV 4K is capable of supporting Netflix and other similar 4K video streaming platforms. The credit for this undoubtedly goes to the latest Dolby Vision Technology that has been added only on select sets till date like 4K Blu-ray Players and only a few television sets.

Owing to Dolby Vision, this new Apple TV 4K offers more colourful and brighter visual content.

SIRI Remote: To top it all, there is a refurnished Siri Remote that makes user interface even more convenient and fantastic. Yes, this time in Apple TV 4K, you are getting a chance to bring Siri Remote at home that enables you to search across different apps for relevant content.

You can even refine your search using genre, critical response and cast using the Siri Remote of this new launch from the house of Apple.

RAM & Internal Storage: For those of you who are eager to know about the internal storage of this newly launched Apple TV, we would say that in the mega event, the company’s official revealed that the TV will come in two variants.

You can either choose to get a 32 GB Inbuilt Memory Variant or another whopping 64 GB Inbuilt Memory Variant. Besides these internal memory options, the TV comes with an amazing 3 GB RAM too!

Future Speculations: Since, Apple TV 4K is still lacking in terms of content, the company aims to improve on that too through innovative video content apps like Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke.

Besides this, the company aims to bring forth Sky, the new game too on this new Apple TV 4K. This and much more is still in store to be enjoyed on this latest offering from Apple.

Price & Availability: Coming for the most awaited information about the new Apple TV, its price and availability? Well, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, revealed that this smart TV will be available from September 22nd, 2017, while interested buyers can  pre-order it starting September 15th, 2017.

All you need to pay to get this product from the house of Apple is $179 for its 32 GB Inbuilt Memory Model and $199 for its 64 GB Inbuilt Memory Model.