Neofect Rapael:- A smart glove

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The Neofect Rapael is a smart glove that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It is the perfect depiction of how technology is changing people’s lives for the better, as this glove is a revolutionary idea to help rehabilitate a patient’s hand. This smart glove has completely revamped the bar set for health care robotics as instead thousands of dollars of outpatient care they can simply use this 3D printed robot for hand therapy.

Previously, if a person injured the muscles or tissues of their hand or wrist they would have to go through surgeries and/or intense physiotherapy and even then their hands might not be the same. In essence, this robotic smart glove has overcome the limitations of human based therapy by incorporating different aspects into this smart glove. The glove fits comfortably on the patient’s hand and through a few exercises it achieves the required muscle movement to help the patient recover as fast as possible. This painless process is just a glimpse on how technology can help man overcome barriers that previously seemed quite impossible.

How Does This Smart Glove Work?

This smart glove is crafted using 3D printing techniques. It has nine axis movement sensors along with bending sensors to help the hand move in every single direction. It also has inbuilt 32-bit microcontrollers that keep track of the movement of every single nerve and muscle in the hand including the wrist.

The glove comfortably fits on the patient’s hand and wrist, once the glove has been turned on, it is controlled through a user-friendly app. This app first takes into account the extent of injuries to the hand then prescribes different movements, which will help the hand rehabilitate back to normality. These movements are designed to engage muscles and tendons. Each movement is repeated periodically in order to help the muscles work appropriately.

Besides this, it has completely changed how healthcare services are offered by adding fun and interactive games in to the mix. These games prompt the required hand movement so that the patient has fun while rehabilitating his or her arm. Some games which the smart glove uses involves the patient cutting vegetables using a prescribed repetitive movement. Another game which helps target specific muscles of the fingers involves the patient throwing darts. If that’s enough, there’s another game where a patient has to pour a glass of wine, which shows just how interactive and fun the smart glove is.

The games that the glove prescribes to patients first takes into account the patient’s hand data using the sensor feeds. This data is then processed through a complex software algorithm that customizes the game play that will help the patient the most. Currently, there are two models available – one of them has been offered to the healthcare industry and the other for people who would like to rehabilitate at home.

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