Must Have Gadgets to have in 2018

Must Have Gadgets to have in 2018
Must Have Gadgets to have in 2018
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1.      IPhone X Plus Smartphone

Right there on top of the Best Upcoming Gadgets in 2018 is none other than the much talked about and the rumoured iPhone X Plus or iPhone 11 or iPhone 9, as it may be called officially. Although, the craze for the recently launched Apple iPhone X has not settled yet, various rumors about its successor are already coming up. It is going to sport a 6.1 inch OLED display and might be bit less expensive than the most expensive iPhone X launched in 2017. Apart from this, if rumors are to be believed, this upcoming phone will witness the revival of TrueDepth Camera not at the rear side but at the front side. Moreover, Apple seems to incorporate a wireless charging technique in this much awaited iPhone model that is expected to be launched in September 2018.


2.      Microsoft Surface Smartwatch

On the second slot of Hottest Gadgets to check out in 2018 comes the much awaited Microsoft Surface Smartwatch. Microsoft is a trusted name in the world of technology and this is going to mark the company’s debut in the field of smartwatches. Surface is the brand name used by the company for a series of products like hybrids, laptops and PCs and the same name will expand the company’s name in the world of smartwatches. Although, Microsoft has already lagged behind in the arena of smartwatches, with big names like Samsung, Apple and Fitbit already out with their best watches. Yet, we feel with this Surface Smartwatch, the company will be able to emerge brightly in this segment of devices too.


  3. HTC Vive VR Headset

Virtual reality is here to stay and will continue to grow firm in 2018 as well with already launched VR headsets like HTC Vive VR Headset.  Developed in collaboration with Valve Corporation, this HTC device incorporates room scale tracking technology to allow the user to experience a high voltage VR extravaganza with its motion tracked handheld controllers. HTC has announced this device last month and it is expected to be available very soon in the global markets. Incorporating the smart Snapdragon 835 SoC processor chipset, this headset is going to give a tough competition to Google Daydream VR and Oculus Rift VR Headsets. Priced at $600, this standalone VR headset will definitely be in the list of best VR headsets of 2018.


4.      Samsung Galaxy Note X Foldable Phone

Up next in the list of best gadgets to grab in 2018 is the exciting Samsung Galaxy Note X Foldable Smartphone. Considered to be the first ever designed foldable phone in the smartphone world, this one is surely spinning constant rumors every other fortnight. Off late, the company has been working hard on blending two screens on this upcoming device and it seems that the official release date of Samsung Galaxy Note X Foldable Phone is not far behind, so you can actually consider buying it instead of the expensive iPhone X. It is believed to sport a nice 5.7 inched OLED Display and when folded it may turn into a 7 inch tablet to work upon with utmost ease.


5.      Apple HomePod

On number five of our list of New Gadgets 2018 comes none other than Apple HomePod. Amazon Echo and Google Home Speakers will definitely get a tough competition in 2018 with soon to be launched Apple HomePod. This Siri powered speaker will feature amazing set of features like spatial awareness and Alexa integration. Expected to be launched in white and space gray color options, this device from the house of Apple will also allows you to work with Apple Music subscription. Moreover, it will be a Home-Kit compatible speaker that will offer you an ultimate music experience. Speculated to be priced at $348, this much awaited Apple HomePod must be in your must have list of gadgets for 2018.


6.      Nest Cam Security Camera

Security should be your first concern even in 2018, so we suggest you to include the very popular Nest Cam Security Camera in your must have gadgets list for 2018. Get the power to keep an eye indoors 24/7 with this superior security camera that delivers super clear and crisp 1080p HD visuals of your home indoors. This two year old security camera is expected to rule the gadget world especially amongst security devices in the coming year as well. Just plug in and go carefree anywhere leaving the security issue on this camera that can be easily bought in just $20.


7.      iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

On the last slot of out recommended 7 best gadgets to grab in 2018 is the very compact    yet useful iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot. Designed to clean your home in an effortless manner, this vacuum cleaning robot is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So, you just need to sit and give a voice command to schedule a cleanup with this device. This robot boasts of AeroForce Cleaning System that comes with power boost feature to loosen, suck and lift dust and dirt from every hook and corner of your house. This amazing vacuum cleaning robot can be yours in $899.99.