Move over Apple: The Samsung S8 has finally arrived

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Recently Samsung has unveiled their latest flagship smart phone, dubbed as the Samsung S8. This phone has revolutionized the design and capabilities by breaking through the confines of smart phone displays, as it has a large immersive screen that provides pure content that is unparallel in comparison. Samsung has combined beauty and performance in seamless fashion to create the S8, which is exactly why Apple has to step up its game with the Iphone8.

Design of the Samsung S8

One of the most profound features of the Samsung S8 is its display; this display seamlessly flows to the edges of the phone providing a large immersive screen like never before. Even though the phone has a large screen, it still somehow manages to fit perfectly in the palm and also has the optimum weight. The back of the phone compliments the uniform front of the S8 with its smooth silhouette and visually tranquil look. The design of the Samsung S8 personifies the sleek facet that is found in its preceding models and shows the superior craftsmanship that was used to design this phone.

Camera of the Samsung S8

Samsung has not compromised in any way when it comes to the Samsung S8 as this phone seems perfect from every aspect, although it is still too early to make such a bold claim. However the camera that the Samsung S8 supports depicts Samsungs attention to detail, both the front and back camera have been fine tuned to provide extremely high quality pictures. The front camera has an 8mp display, 1.7lens, smart auto focus and also includes an enhanced multi frame image processor that will help you take selfies the right way. While the rear camera has a 12mp dual pixel sensor, 1.7 lens and 4k video quality that focuses as swiftly as your eyes do. This camera produces extensive aperture and vivid pictures that can put even the most complex cameras to shame.

Performance of the Samsung S8

Samsung has set a high bar for upcoming phones with the powerful performance features included in their new flagship phone. This phone utilizes a 10nm processor that provides users with convenience levels like never before as the apps launch must faster, battery life is longer and has incredible processing speed. The Samsung S8 is Gigabit Wi-Fi ready making it the perfect phone for users who have to download and share large files. Besides this the Samsung S8 has taken gaming to a whole different level with its Vulkan capabilities that provide hours of high graphic gaming. Samsung has also made sound quality as their priority as the S8 features a high quality 32 bit PCM that accentuates every single beat. The S8 also includes a wireless charger and AKG headphones with every set, making sure that this phone has everything you might need. Another performance feature worth mentioning is that the Samsung S8 is completely water proof, so rain or shine this phone will always work at its optimum level.