Motorola Z Play Review

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The Moto Z Play is the ultimate phone with ultimate possibilities. This powerful device is compatible with all other Moto Mods, meaning you can turn your phone into a movie projector or boom box in a matter of seconds. This sublime phone has surpassed its predecessors when it comes to design and function, at the same time its capabilities are giving other competitors a run for their money.


The Moto Z Play has a sleek design that depicts the business persona of Motorola phones. It has been perfectly designed with dimensions of 156.4 x 76.4 x 7mm. Besides this, the phone is brilliantly engineered to provide a unique design. It weighs only 165 G ensuring that it fits perfectly in every user’s hands. The sleek design combined with the glass finish of this phone really makes it an exceptionally beautiful phone that is unparallel in comparison. The design is a modification of its predecessor and has taken the facets of phones to a whole different level.


What really sets the Moto Z Play apart from its competitors is the innovative camera embedded in the phone. This high-grade camera has 16-mega pixel auto focus that ensures users can take stunning pictures during the day or the night. The camera also has two auto focus technologies built in it to provide users with crystal clear images of incredible quality. The front camera is a 5-mega pixel camera with an extremely wide lens making it perfect for group photos. Besides this, the front camera also has a secondary flash for taking pictures in the dark. The Moto Z play also gives users two years of free photo storage with Google photos!


The Moto Z play is perfect for mobile gamers. It has a powerful processor that can accommodate games that demand high graphics with ease. Users have the incredible flexibility of downloading games of any platform. These games are all stored in one place and are synchronized with the Google play store. The Moto Z play also comes with a variety of games that are already installed and ready to play. These games give users insight on how powerful the phone really is. Furthermore, its massive battery life ensures that users can play games for hours at end.


This phone has a powerful processor that has an innovative user interface that ensures each end user is left satisfied. It has an operating system of Android OS and has the capability of being upgraded. Besides this, it has a chip set of snap dragon 625, which ensures the phone runs at its optimum level. The Moto Z play also has incredible 3GB RAM and memory storage of 32 GB, which can be extended with an external micro SD card. Also, this powerful phone has an impressive Adreno 506 GPU which proves just how functionally sound the phone really is.

Key Features

The Moto Z Play is currently dominating the market due to its incredible design and innovative key features, these key features are highlighted below

  • Secondary camera LED flash
  • Front mounted finger print detector
  • 50 hour battery life
  • Compatible with almost any carrier