Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
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Microsoft Corporation, the Redmond, WA based software behemoth, has announced the release of its newest addition to its Windows line of Operating Systems.

The addition is that of Windows 10 Pro for workstations. This new version of the operating system has been specifically designed for server grade PC hardware. This new OS is to be strictly made available just for professional purposes and not personal.

This new addition is in line with the new motto of “One product family, one platform and one store” at Microsoft concerning its Windows line of products.

Microsoft is, in a way, going the Apple way by creating an ecosystem instead of standalone products to address the different needs of its clients. This version of the Windows operating system has been designed to work on machines that are running several logical processors and a very high quantity of RAM.

This version of the Windows 10 operating system was supposed to be released back in the month of June earlier. Instead of releasing the operating system back in June, Microsoft just released its bare bones details to the public as it worked on its last of niggles to make it one of the best possible offerings in the market.

Advantages over the others

This particular version of Windows 10 Pro has four very distinct features that make it one of the best offerings in this very niche category of software servicing high-end server machines.

1. Resilient File System(ReFS) as a default

This particular feature will enable the servers with the capability of optimization. What this means is that the servers will be able to handle data in very large volumes and also provide the required stringent security firewalls in the event of a possible case of data corruption being attempted from an external source.

2. Support for non-volatile memory modules (NVDIMM-N)

This feature enables the user of this system to access their files even when the server has been turned off. It also guarantees exceptionally high read and write speeds all the time such that the user is not logged during those very important process runs.

3. Support for Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors

This new version of the operating system has been optimized to work with the high-end industrial grade machines with maximum efficiency all the time.

The previous versions were limited to working with systems just having two processors (CPUs) and 2TB of RAM, whereas this new version harbors the capability of working with four processors (CPUs) and 6TB of RAM.

4. SMB direct for Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA)

This feature helps to make the system (network adapters) run as efficiently as possible at all the times and in a process utilizing the smallest amounts of RAM required to do a certain task.

All these features in a single basket make it starkly evident that Microsoft is indeed targeting the very high-end configurations available in the industry. The Windows 10 Fall Creator will also be made available alongside this new version of the Windows 10 Pro.