Microsoft HoloLens:- innovative product launched

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With the virtual industry booming, every year more innovative products are being launched. These products a few years ago would be considered impossible, but now with the advancements in technology, the impossible has become possible. Currently, the most popular virtual reality headset in the market today is the Microsoft Hololens, as it has taken the virtual reality industry to a whole different level with its added augmented reality.

The Microsoft Hololens offers its users a unique experience like no other. This device’s attention to detail proves that its applications are endless. It is one of the first of its kind as the Microsoft Hololens augmented reality is something straight out of a science fiction movie, as through this headset you can create digital models right in the middle of your living room. These digital models are so realistic that it is astonishing, as they will appear right in front of your eyes and will also feel real even though it is just a digital replication of the model. The moment you take off the goggles, the model will disappear. This application of creating augmented reality in 3D models is what really sets the Microsoft Hololens apart from the rest of the pack.

Design of the Microsoft Hololens

One look at the Microsoft Hololens will show you what you are paying for. The sleek design with its refined facet depicts a futuristic look. This device is essentially comprised of two rings – one of these rings is thicker and has a plastic outer that contains the slimmer and the guts. The other ring is thinner and has a cushion wrapped around it. This ring wraps around your head quite comfortably. It also has an adjustment setting right behind the rings so that you can easily adjust the fitting of the device.

There is no doubt that wearing the gear will take time, as you will have to regularly retighten and realign the headgear to enjoy it to its fullest. If the gear is latched on loose, it will diminish the overall viewing experience which will defy the purpose of the Microsoft Hololens. Another slight draw back with design of the gear is the fact that most of the weight is balanced in the front of the headgear, so after wearing the gear for a while, you will start feeling the weight on your nose.

Features of the Microsoft Hololens

Overall, the Microsoft Hololens is a user friendly device that does not require heavy gear to operate. You can easily enjoy this device in the comfort of your living room. Essentially, it has the same virtual reality experience like its counterparts but its holograms experience is what really sets this device apart from the rest of the pack. Through this device, you can create a hologram of your choice and control it as well.

The hologram is easily controlled through gaze controls and gesture controls, it also uses spatial audio which ensures that you are completely submerged in the reality of your choice. So if you want an impeccable virtual reality experience and futuristic hologram control, the Microsoft Hololens is the product for you.