Matrix PowerWatch to be powered by your body heat

Matrix PowerWatch
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If will certainly agree that the more feature-packed your smartwatch is, the more worried you will be for about its battery running out of charge. Thankfully, we have watches like the one launched by Matrix Industries. Yes, we are talking about the Matrix PowerWatch that uses body heat as battery.

Sounds Interesting isn’t? Well, this is what makes this smart watch the smartest of the lot you find in the market. Forget about the battery life and type of batteries that are used in smart watches, with this unique watch that runs on body heat converted into electricity.

This elegant watch from the house of Matrix Industries has been designed using the  latest technology so that you as a user need not compromise anywhere and anytime, as it will go on-and-on powered by the user’s own body heat.

Thermoelectric Generator Technology: The makers of this interesting Matrix watch have made full use of the Thermoelectric Generator Technology to run this powerful watch without compromising on the features that are usually seen on a smart watch.

All you need is to wear this Matrix PowerWatch to initiate this useful technology and the generator circuit will just need a constant source of heat from your body. Since our body tends to maintain a constant temperature of about 98.4 Fahrenheit, receiving constant heat is not at all an issue.

The heat generated in the user’s body is easily absorbed by the back of this watch when the user wears it. Worry not, as the body heat will not make this superb watch  too hot for the user to wear because it has been designed with a ‘cooler’ other side that is completely user friendly.

Stunning Looks: Not just in terms of the technology, Matrix PowerWatch is a treat to own, gift and wear for its sophisticated yet stunning looks. The front side of this watch sports a metal housing along with an elegant crown.

Overall, it is quite robust like any of the other recently launched smartwatches like Apple Watch 3. The perfect combination of black and grey makes it an ideal watch to be worn both by men and women irrespective of the age.

Amazing Connectivity: While wearing this smart Matrix PowerWatch, you need not worry for connectivity, as it offers smooth sync with smartphones you carry using the Bluetooth technology.

However, at the other side, one major feature that remains missing on this watch is that it doesn’t show notifications that are shown by other smartwatches when connected with a smartphone.

Fitness Tracker: At the same time, you can trust this Matrix PowerWatch to be your fitness tracker because it helps counting your calories, monitoring your heart rate data and motion with its intelligent sensors.

Accuracy is ensured for the user who chooses to wear this smartwatch on his or her wrist during any fitness workout.

Price & Availability: At the moment, the company is offering Matrix PowerWatch for a pre-order at a price of $170. The exact shipment of this powerful watch at the same time is expected to start by July 2018.