LG finally rolls out its New LG Gram Laptops 2018

LG finally rolls out its New LG Gram Laptops 2018
LG finally rolls out its New LG Gram Laptops 2018
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While the whole world was eagerly waiting for the official announcement of LG Gram Laptops 2018 at the upcoming CES 2018, the company silently unfolded its refreshed range a few days ago. These ultra thin and lightweight laptops from the house of LG are simply irresistible!

The whole range of New LG Gram Laptops 2018 comprises of three appealing models, including a 13.3-inch, 14-inch and a 15-inch model. What makes all these laptops great is the fact that they come incorporating the latest Intel 8th generation Corei5 and i7 processors. Before this, the Gram series used to incorporate Intel 6th and 7th generation processors, so definitely, this time on you can experience a better performance on these devices from LG.

Another remarkable highlight of these newly announced LG laptops is that they boast to offer a full day battery life on a single charge without any interruption. This and much more will definitely make you fall in love with these three pretty looking and yet so feature packed gadgets from the very popular gadget brand, LG.

Designing: Now, let us disclose the designing of the new and super stylish LG Gram Laptops. As mentioned earlier, these laptops are available in three sizes, including a 13.3-inch model, a 14-inch model and a massive 15-inch model. All the models are a treat for the eyes in terms of looks and designing.

While, the first two models of the Gram series weigh just about 2 pounds, the biggest one weighs a little more at 2.4 pounds in all! This time on, the company decided to shift its webcam and its light sensor along with its microphones right there on the top from the bottom of the display bezel. However, the display hinge remains unchanged this time too in all three models. These beautiful laptops from LG come with smooth round edges and no sharp or ugly looking corners.

At the same time, the makers tried their best to make these gadgets more durable by offering them a better handling even in the most rugged ways of handling on a day to day basis. In fact, owing to its past bad record in durability, these new Gram series LG laptops have even cleared the U.S. military MIL-STD 810G tests for durability against resistance, pressure, impact and temperature.

Performance: In terms of performance, these three notebooks from LG have been designed relying on the power of the latest Intel 8thgeneration Core i5/i7 processors for a better performance on the go. The first two models of the series are expected to be available in 8GB RAM models, whereas, the biggest one will be available in a mind blowing 16GB RAM model.

At the same time, all the three models will have an option to expand the internal memory upto 512GB using a SSD and are also speculated to come with an extra M.2 slot for an additional drive.

On the other hand, these recently announced LG Gram 2018 notebooks boast to offer an ultimate connectivity with a series of networks and similar gadgets via USB, Bluetooth and WiFi. Moreover, there is also an optional Thunderbolt 3 connectivity offered on these three elegant LG laptops. To be very specific, on board are two USB 3.0 Type-A headers, an 802.11ac WiFi module along with a BT module and a USB Type-C connector that will serve both as a USB 3.0 port and a Thunderbolt 3 port.

Battery Life: Thanks to the higher capacity accumulator incorporated on these LG Gram notebooks that enable them to offer the user a mind blowing 19 to 22.5 hours of uninterrupted battery life. This ultra long battery life was never experienced in any other LG laptop before these Gram laptops.

To be specific, the 13.3-inch model will offer a 19 hours of battery life, while the 14-inch model will offer a good 21.5 hours of battery life and the 15-inch model has been designed to offer a stupendous 22.5 hours of battery life.

Moreover, these next-gen LG laptops are an edge above its predecessors with their 72Wh capacity battery that is believed to be based on MobileMark 2014 trend. This is not all, we strongly believe that the makers this time wished to amaze everyone around with better energy efficient devices in form of Gram series of laptops and so they did by empowering them with a long lasting battery life.

Other Remarkable Features: Designed or a better productivity, this latest range of LG gadgets with their Full HD IPS Display will offer an ultimate viewing experience from all the angles. In fact, we believe that these laptops have been made keeping in eye to offer a superb AR and VR support too those who wish to dig in augmented or virtual reality.

The trio in this series also boasts of ergonomically designed backlit keyboards that offer an option to adjust the brightness too according to the environment. On the other hand, we also speculate these gadgets to be provided with a built-in DTS headphone to offer an ultimate sound experience to the user through its headphone jack.

Pricing: These refreshed Gram series of gadgets are expected to be priced affordably, so that all the interested users can easily pick them for their personal and professional use. Earlier launched Gram laptops were priced around $1600, so it naturally sets out our expectations for these ones too somewhere around that price range.

Availability: You surely got to wait for CES 2018 event in January 2018 to get hold of these laptops and their other competitors like Dell XPS 15 and the latest Apple iMac Pro. Moreover, what we could make out from the inside reports is that all these three LG Gram series of notebooks 2018 will be initially available for sale from January 2018 onwards only in the US.

So, stay tuned to grab more updates on the actual availability and more features of these exciting LG Gram Notebooks 2018.