Lenovo Explorer AR Headset Review

Lenovo Explorer AR Headset Review
Lenovo Explorer AR Headset Review
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AR or augmented reality is the latest way of watching things in a real like environment and the desired effects can be generated only through a good AR headset. One such gadget that has emerged in the market a few months ago is the Lenovo Explorer.

This mind blowing gadget from the house of Lenovo, is no fashion accessory but a perfect headset designed to make the user experience a true AR extravaganza. With no fancy design, this particular device has already given a tough competition to other ruling AR headsets in the market.

Design: Talking about its design and overall look, let us confirm that Lenovo Explorer is a sophisticated headset weighing about 380 grams in all. It comes sporting a decent 1440 x 1440 per eye LCD display for a spectacular AR experience.

The device is entirely made of plastic and this makes it a pretty lightweight headset to be worn with utmost ease and comfort on the eyes. There is a bold two-tone dark grey color on black with the company’s logo inscribed in the front.

Comfortable to Wear: You can comfortably wear this headset that offers a good support against your forehead right at the front side and its angles straps just clamp on top of your neck for a perfect fit.

Smart Lens: Another interesting thing that has been appreciated by users all over about this particular Lenovo device is its Fresnel Lens that offers a marvellous 110 degree field of view from both the eyes.

90Hz is the refresh rate offered by this Lenovo Explorer device that comes with a decent 4m cable length. At the same time, the headset comes with a good enough 3.5mm headset jack for great audio outputs.

Powerful Motion Controllers: Now, coming straight to its main highlight, its motion controllers that have been especially incorporated to offer the user a true mixed reality experience.

Just like other headset manufacturers, this time Lenovo too has got inspirations from the basic reference design from Microsoft’s headsets. The motion controllers feature not one but two wands that come equipped with a light filled halos, menu button, an analog stick, a d-pad, rear trigger, button with a bumper style and Windows key.

Connectivity: At the same time, the connectivity offered by this innovative headset is mind blowing, as there is a simple yet very useful Y connector that connects well with HDMI and USB 3.0. So, you need not worry for any connectivity issue when connecting it with your PC or any other similar device.

Amazing Sensors: Lenovo Explorer is a powerhouse of amazing sensors all incorporated to offer the user an ultimate augmented reality experience. The device features accelerometer, magnetometer, proximity sensor, gyroscope, inside-out sensor and the latest 6DoF motion tracking sensor as well.

Price & Availability: All you need is to spend about $399 to buy this AR headset from the house of Lenovo. At this much price, the deal not bad because this one comes bundled with an overall Windows Mixed Reality experience.

Mind you 4 out of 5 is the review rating received by satisfied users all over for this Lenovo Explorer AR Headset.