Lenovo at IFA 2017

Lenovo at IFA 2017
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The Internationale Funkausstelung Berlin or IFA as it is more popularly known as, hosted the creme of the tech world this year with marquee brands showcasing their next revolutionary product.

Beijing China based Lenovo, the leader in computing solutions in the current market made some very interesting announcements at the currently ongoing Berlin event along with quite a few new product launches.

Lenovo opened its covers all guns blazing. They are showcasing not just their personal computer line up, but also their mixed and virtual reality products. Augmented reality a new area of venture for Lenovo aims to help them gain mastery on all of the computing platforms. The entry though a tad too late, but still should help in Lenovo’s journey and expertise.

The different computing devices that Lenovo showcased were:

Yoga 920

The Yoga lineup is the main revenue churner for Lenovo. The consumers and market has taken a very good liking to Lenovo’s this range of computing devices. This new Yoga 920 aims to better the game it’s predecessor has been winning at the moment.

The Yoga 920 will be Lenovo’s new flagship product. On the hardware front, it has an eighth generation Intel quad core i7 processor. The screen is a 13.9 inch bezel less design with 4K viewing pixel resolution with touchscreen. The laptop also gets Cortana support as well as a touch pen option. Like the previous versions, the 920 too swivels 360 degree on its hinge. The Yoga 920 will retail starting at a price of 1329.99 USD.

Yoga 720 (12 inch)

The Lenovo Yoga 720 is a more affordable cousin to the main 920 line up. It too is a 2 in 1 PC model. The Yoga 720 has a seventh generation Intel core processor under the hood for firepower. It comes with 4GB Ram as basic but upgradeable to 8GB. To house all our important data, the 720 has a 512 GB SSD doing duty on board. The screen is 12 inches in viewing and full HD resolution along with touchscreen. The 720 also has a fingerprint scanner for better security. Lenovo has given it the tech to support a touch pen if required. Windows 10 comes as standard. The Yoga 720 will retail starting at a price of 649.99 USD.

Miix 520

The Miix 520 is more like a tablet with a detachable keyboard. It has an eighth generation Intel core i5 processor supported by 8GB of ram. A SSD of 256GB capacity does the storage duty quite well. The screen is touch based 12.2 inches in viewing and full HD resolution. The keyboard and touch pen come standard in the box. An interesting addition to the hardware is the worldview camera which boasts of real time 3D picture and video editing. The Miix 520 will retail starting at a price of 999.99 USD.

Lenovo Explorer

The Explorer is a headset for Windows mixed reality. The gear is meant for entertainment as well as productivity and will be compatible with a wide variety of PC models. The Explorer will retail starting at a price of 349 USD with the additional option of buying controllers for 100 USD more.