Leesa Sleep launches Sapira, The luxury mattress industry

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In the last couple of years, integration of technology with the mattress industry has really stirred up the business. New series of superior quality mattresses are now being made in various options of foam, customized as per your bed size and delivered directly to the doorsteps. Who doesn’t remember the good old days of shopping for high-end mattresses what with the unbelievably high prices, time-consuming analysis and most often than not, a poor sleep experience? But thankfully those days are behind us now. Leesa Sleep is one such new age mattress company that has managed to challenge the foam mattress industry and is now introducing its new brand Sapira. The brand new line of mattresses offers a luxurious hybrid mattress that is shipped directly to doorsteps. The website was launched recently, and bookings are now open at www.sapirasleep.com.

The need of Sapira came with insight that there is a completely new segment of consumers who seek luxury at affordable prices and was created specifically to meet their sleep needs. Leesa Sleep defines this segment of consumers as ‘connoisseurs of life’ and that they prefer mattresses that are spring based but luxurious. These are also the kind of consumers who are sprinting through their days shuffling between work and other interests and hence do not have the time to devote to mattress hunting. These consumers appreciate home delivered goods, even luxurious ones, for the ease and convenience of such transactions. They also value the brand’s vision and are interested in the story behind the brand. To meet all of these expectations, Leesa Sleep created Sapira which is made 100 per cent in America for such discerning young audience. It has been a year in the making and now Sapira is available for purchase online and shipped to your place within days.

David Wolfe, Co-founder, and CEO, Leesa Sleep had said on record that they had set out to create affordable luxury mattress brand with the additional benefit of the direct-to-home business model. He also said that his team was pleased to launch and reveal Sapira which was created for the audience who like to purchase luxury goods and experiences online.

Giving a deeper insight into Sapira’s technology, Jamie Diamonstein, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Leesa Sleep said that Sapira mattresses are engineered by experts to include an exquisite pocket spring core along with the combo of highly resilient foam and high-density memory foam. Bundled together, all of these layers deliver comfort and support that is supremely responsive to the body’s shape and sleeping position. At Leesa Sleep, this is called the Universal Reactive Feel.

The top most layer is designed in a way to allow the maximum airflow possible to enable bounce and comfort in movement. The middle layer is completely memory foam and provides enough pressure relief to relax one’s muscles as they lay down to sleep. However, that’s not where the magic happens. The key differentiator that puts Sapira apart from other high-end mattress is the unique pocket spring core that is fitted between these two layers of foam. This exclusive system is made from over a thousand premium grade steel coils encased together to provide unmatched support, contouring of the body and almost zero motion transfer with movement. There is also an edge support system that prevents the user to sit comfortable for long without sinking in.