LeEco Smart Bike

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LeEco has proven yet again that they are probably the most unpredictable company out there, as it is safe to say they have the most versatile line of products. They have video streaming devices, phones, TV, smartcar demo-ing and are now adding smart bikes to this amazing array line of products.

Over the years many beta versions of smart bikes have been introduced, all of them failed to make a significant impact. However, the LeEco smart bike is going to change this as people can’t wait till this smart bike is available to the public at large. According to LeEco, the smart bike will be launched sometime towards the end of this year, so there is still time before you see people pedaling smart bikes. The LeEco smart bike has been introduced in two models, one is a robust mountain bike and the other is a mountain bike. The reason for introducing two models is that no aspect of the market is left untapped.

Design of the Smart Bike

Before we discuss the profound features of the smart bike, we should first take into perspective its design. The design of each model is as follows:

  • The smart road bike: Appropriately named the shark, has a robust 1×11 mechanical drive train and has the traditional rim brakes. The bars are made of high quality light weight carbon as the whole bike only weighs 8.4 KG. According to reports, this version of the smart bike will be available in a whole array of colors including gun metal, black and blue.
  • The smart mountain bike: Known as the tiger, it has a SR Sun tour XCR air front fork and 27.5 inch wheels to ensure incredible grip. It has a SRAM 1x setup combined with a NX drive train. The tiger also has a carbon frame of T700 and will also be available in a whole host of colors.

Features of the LeEco Smart Bike

LeEco has taken the bike industry to a whole new level, as these bikes are integrated with an android system that operates on a quad core snap dragon 410 processor which is simply sublime. Both bikes have an interactive 4 inch touch screen that is right between the handle bars for optimum visibility.

This touch screen provides constant notifications and gives the rider instant access to Here Maps, so that you never get lost while driving this smart bike. It also gives riders access to a whole new world of convenience with the amount of features it offers, some of the most prominent features of this smart bike are mentioned below

  • Offline music playback
  • WIFI enabled music playback
  • GPS
  • GLONASS position
  • Accelerometer
  • ANT heart rate
  • Power meter sensor
  • Compass
  • Barometer
  • Cadence

Besides this, the LeEco smart bike also has a social ride sharing tool, which allows users to easily share their rides on different social media platforms. It also has an inbuilt walkie talkie which gives the riders freedom to communicate with each other at anytime without any costs. So it is safe to say that the LeEco smart bike is every riders dream