Kindle Oasis 2017 Review

Kindle Oasis 2017 Review
Kindle Oasis 2017 Review
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Big has got bigger with the new Kindle Oasis 2017 device that has now turned waterproof, so that you can carry it along for a reading session even at a swimming pool too! Sounds great isn’t? Well, this and much more advanced features that were felt missing in its predecessor that was launched in 2016 have now been fulfilled with grace in the recently launched Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017.

If Amazon Echo is meant for an ultimate music experience, then Kindle Oasis is meant for an extraordinary reading experience. All you e-book readers who are itching to buy this second generation of Kindle e-book reading device, here is an in-depth review of the new Kindle Oasis 2017 device.

Bigger Display: To start with our full on Kindle Oasis 2017 Review, we would like to first talk about its display. The older 6-inch display has now been elegantly replaced by a massive 7-inch 300ppi display.

With this big display, this gadget is able to fit at least 30% more words per page in comparison to Kindle 2016 device, so that the reader can enjoy turning up few pages to read an e-book. Reading e-books is a complete fun on this gadget that delivers crisp and laser quality text even in bright sunlight.

In fact, this Amazon device has been designed to adjust its light automatically so that your eyes are not strained during a reading session on it.

Light Ergonomic Design: This e-book reader from Amazon scores high for its light ergonomic design too. It has been designed to feel as light as a paper with its 3.4mm ultrathin body. Carved out of glass and a super sleek anodized aluminium back, this product can be easily carried anywhere with utmost ease.

This is not all, those who have already grabbed this device are praising it for its one handed reading design. The touch display is just too perfect and smooth to turn the page and the page orientation automatically changes to match the page you wish to read.

Waterproof and Audible: The wait for a waterproof e-book reader is over with the newly launched Kindle Oasis 2017 that comes with IPX8 certification against water splashes. It is completely safe even if dropped in ocean or hot tub for uptp 60 minutes.

This first waterproof Kindle device has hit a bull’s eye with its audible feature. Yes, this time on, you can even choose to listen to the audiobooks from the world’s largest audiobook library while travelling, writing or cooking from anywhere and anytime.

You need is to pair it with a pair of speakers or Bluetooth headphones to listen and not read from this amazing gadget from the house of Amazon.

Long Lasting Battery: This e-book reader can last for upto six weeks with a single charge if used for half an hour per day. However, not to forget that the battery life will depend on the brightness and wireless usage you use with this gadget.

This device can charge fully in just 3 hours when connected with a computer USB or in 2 hours at the most when connected with the Amazon 5W charger that can be bought separately.

With the bigger long lasting battery, this recently launched Kindle e-reading device weighs slightly more at 194 grams in comparison to its predecessor that weighed just about 131 grams with a smaller battery.

Instant Access: Another major highlight of 2017 Kindle Oasis e-book reader is that it offers an ultimate power to you to read books your way. A whole array of options are offered this time on for you to choose from to set your personalize reading setting in terms of font size, boldness and alignment.

Its new accessibility features also provides you with instant access to free over the air e-books and updates anywhere and anytime. Believe it or not, but this successor of Kindle 2016 is way more comfortable to read on.

Always Stay Hooked with Your Books: Once you own this precious gadget, rest assured that you will never stay away from your favourite books. You can easily stay hooked with your books and even shop new ones at lower prices from Amazon’s own expansive collection.

This is not all, feel free to lend your own books to other interested Kindle readers through Kindle app for 2 weeks. Access to new e-books is just a wireless connection away on this intelligent product from Amazon.

On top of it, you can even switch between devices without losing the spot where you last left reading an e-book, thanks to the Amazon’s Whispersync Technology for this advanced feature on the new Kindle Oasis 2017.

Bigger Storage and Bigger Dimensions: What more, your dreams come true on this latest Kindle Oasis 2017 device, as it comes with a much bigger storage. Unlike, its predecessor that was available in just a 4GB storage mode, this new bigger Kindle e-book comes in two storage variants, one with an 8GB storage and one with a whopping 32GB storage.

So, definitely, no denying to the fact that big gets bigger with this e-book reading gadget. Talking about its exact dimensions, this e-book reader measures about 159 x 141 x 2.4 -8.3mm in dimensions.

Price: Now, coming straight to the much awaited part of our Kindle Oasis 2017 Review and that’s its price! Well the 8GB model of this e-reading gadget can be bought easily in $249.99. However, if you choose to buy its bigger storage model of 32GB, then be ready to spend at least $349.99, which is quite worth it for this big storage for any adamant book reader.

Moreover, this time on Amazon has slashed down its price while enhancing its storage, because its predecessor was priced at $290 for a merely 4GB storage, so this one does sounds like a big relief in terms of its pricing.

Availability: You can easily order this Amazon product from the official Amazon site too. The box contents of this product comprises of the e-book reader, a USB 2.0 Charging Cable and a Quick Start Guide.

You also get a full 1year warranty on this superb Amazon product. 4 out of 5 is the review rating received by a majority of users who have already chosen this product as their perfect reading partner for life.

So, get set for an ultimate reading experience with this new Amazon e-book reader in your hands!