Kickass Torrentss clone gets shutdown

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Last month, the alleged owner of the popular pirated torrent Kickass got arrested in Poland. Polish authorities took Artem Vaulin to their custody. Authorities also seized all the domains of the torrent. Following this feat, the site bid a silent goodbye to its fans.
The largest torrent site has accusations of distributing copies of contents worth over a billion dollar. The contents included films, music and various others.
Within few hours of the shutting down of Kickass, different clone sites came up. They supported the cliché that nothing can finish pirate sites. The clone sites started the mission of retaliation.
Most popular of these clones was the It claimed to be the improved version of the original and can't be downed. But the fate of the site wasn't too good it seems. Within two weeks the site gets shut down after it got a notice from Motion Pictures Association (MPA).
Estimates claimed Kat to be the 69th most visited site on the internet based on its visit frequency. The estimation came from the Just Department. The complaints alleged that the site operated in 28 languages. It distributed films, video games, television programs, music and other electronic media. Kat earned its revenue from the advertisements on its site.
The notice was a virtual warning for all such sites by the Hollywood. Hollywood wants to end all the copyright infringements at once forever. Currents atmosphere seems an opportunity for that. Piracy costs Hollywood millions of dollars to the industry per annum.
The operator of the site says that there's no stress as such. He thinks that someone or the other will keep running the business in some way or the other. He stated that we succeeded Vaulin, somebody else would succeed us. The chain goes on.
The MPA warning to suggested them to disable all the infringements within 24 hours. It wanted the site to put an end to the downloading and streaming of entertainment content.
The vanished after the Armenian registry deleted its domain. The operator says that the MPA coordinated with the Armenian registry to remove the domain. He says the team is trying to get the domain back using legal channels.
But the business doesn't seem to end yet. With the launch of two domains and the chain reaction further continues. These can now be used to operate the torrent sites further.
The Motion Pictures Association represents six major Hollywood film studios. They are 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.