Is the new Reliance Jio for real?

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The telecom market has just been hit by the most revolutionary and service provider os the times. Mukesh Ambani has launched the Reliance Jio service in the company's annual general meeting in Mumbai on Thursday. The Reliance Jio has already captured a whooping 4 million customer base even before its official launch on the 31st of August . If Jio can deliver what it is promising as of now then all the other market players are going to have a tough time even surviving.


The following feature of Jio are being really raved about:


  • subscribers with 4G network will enjoy unlimited free voice calls, minimal data tariffs and  zero roaming charges.
  • The Jio network can give a peak 4G download speed of 135 Mbps and is already 5G and 6G ready.
  • Jio's 4G rates will approximately be 5p per MB or Rs 50 per GB- leaving no chance for the competitors.
  • Jio users won't face any blackout days when there is heavy traffic including Diwali and Christmas.
  • On top of this, Jio is offering a 25 percent more data on all data plans for students.
  • Monthly plans will be starting from Rs.149 to Rs. 4999.


As unreal as it looks, Reliance is all prepared for having 100 million customer base in the shortest time possible. In their own words- 90% of India’s 1.25 billion population by March 2017 and would eventually cover 18,000 cities and 200,000 villages.  Ambani addressed the meeting and said, “Customers should pay for only one service, voice or data not both.Worldwide operators charge only for data, and voice and messages are free.All voice calls for Jio customer will be absolutely free.The era of paying for voice calls is ending. Jio will usher India into the new era.”


This is not it. There is more! The free preview offer  has been extended today to the free welcome offer and will be on till this year end, continuing to provide its customers free unlimited voice calls and SMS, slashed data charges and no roaming charges.