Is a foldable iPhone next in the line from Apple’s portfolio?

Is a foldable iPhone next in the line from Apple
Is a foldable iPhone next in the line from Apple
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It seems that Apple Inc., the world’s leading smartphone maker, has finally woken up to join the foldable smartphone bandwagon. Although, trailing behing Samsung that is expected to launch its foldable phone in the year 2018, and way behind ZTE, that has already launched its first foldable phone, Apple has just filed a patent for a device with a foldable screen.

Recently, Apple filed a patent for its very first foldable screen device that might feature a flexible portion that will give the device a look quite similar to that of a book that can be opened and closed. If rumors are to be believed, Apple is collaborating with LG to design this unique phone.

Furthermore, we would also state that in the patent filed, the company has filed for a foldable electronic device with an interesting flexible display. So, it could be a foldable watch, laptop, tablet or any other electronic device too. However, considering the present scenario, experts feel the product in question will be a foldable iPhone and not any other device. But don’t be surprised if in the end it is nothing more than a flip phone from the house of Apple.

Patent Granted: Inside reports indicated that Apple had filed a patent with the Trademark Office (USPTO) and US Patent way back in the year 2014, which finally got granted this month. At the same time, the company is also working on its two OLED screen iPhones that are most likely to get launched in the year 2018.

Besides filing a patent for this foldable electronic device, we have heard that Apple has also filed a patent for a 360 degree screen that may be folded into a phone or smart pair of glasses. With all these latest patents from Apple, it sure seems that innovation will be the name of the game for the company and it will continue to keep competitors like Google and Samsung on the tenterhooks in the near future.

Fierce Competition is Awaiting: Just in case you are not aware, we would like to tell you that Samsung Galaxy Note X is already gearing up to release the world’s second foldable screen phone after the recently launched ZTE Axon Multy. So, all those of you who are ardent Apple fans can now rejoice since it should not take long before your favourite gadget maker launches your favourite iPhone in a foldable version.

Moreover, it not just the phone world but the entire gadget world that is now looking forward to designing something with a flexible display. Companies like Samsung, ZTE and Huawei are already taking technology as a challenge to design some sensibly crafted foldable devices. But to see one from the ace gadget maker, Apple, would definitely be like a dream come true for many!

LG Support: As mentioned earlier, Apple is keen on making its first foldable iPhone an instant success and for this it has already starting working with LG, the company known for launching gadgets with premium screens and technologies. In fact, unlike earlier, this time Apple has moved on from Samsung to LG for OLED display considering the fact that Samsung may not help in the best way because it will then be a huge threat to its own foldable phone.

In the meanwhile, we have also learnt that LG has finally completed its own exciting foldable OLED panel prototype and is now busy in upgrading it in terms of better durability and total yield rate.

This is certainly good news for Apple too since it can integrate the same LG OLED into its upcoming products with foldable design.

What to Expect: Now, coming back straight to the point, what can we expect in the first foldable Apple iPhone? Well, since the company’s recent iPhone X has crossed all limits in featuring premium features, being the most expensive iPhone ever, expectations will be definitely higher with its very first foldable iPhone.

According to the patent filed and granted, Apple will work on a gadget with a foldable display sporting a display that will emit organic light or a smart LG OLED display. At the same time, expectations are high that this upcoming device will have a display fitted in a perfect combo of either plastic, ceramic, glass, aluminium, stainless steel or fiber composites.

On the other hand, we can also expect this phone to feature another micro LED display because the company has already been investing in the latest display technologies and it may think about incorporating the same in this foldable device. This is not all, we do expect the same applications and technologies to be seen in the upcoming Apple watches, iPads, MacBooks and more gadgets from the company.

Another set of rumors state that this device may get designed in such a way that it may be clipped to your clothes too for easy access. Sounds fascinating? Doesn’t it? So we can only wait and watch for the tech behemoth to sweep us off our feet with its upcoming foldable products.

Pricing: Well, as of now, pricing of this yet to be designed product is a big mystery! However, one thing is for sure, it will cost a hefty amount for the level of technologies incorporated. So, if you really look forward to own this foldable gadget from Apple, be ready to spend at least the cost of its recently launched iPhone X.

Availability: While Samsung X Foldable and other similar foldables phones from ZTE and HTC are expected to launch in the smartphone world anytime in 2018, the wait for the first ever Apple iPhone foldable will stretch a bit longer.

As the company insiders believe that the company will start production of this much exciting phone in the year 2020 because it is already busy working on a line up of other iPhone models to be launched in 2018 and 2019.

So, stay tuned to grab every piece of latest information about the much talked about Apple Foldable iPhone and other foldable devices coming in the gadget world from us.