Inverse, the Digital Magazine for the Millennials

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Moving away from the needs that are innate, Inverse, the digital startup launched in mid-August last year is generating what the evolving generation likes to know.

The trodden path of stories about what to wear and how to, about women in their best attires, exuberant lifestyles, honeymoon destinations and wines, whiskeys and cocktails and everything most desired is click-bate, but a thing of the quickly evolving past. Inverse is trying to bring in fashion the conscience of the socially aware.

From stories about what threatens the environment, science and innovation and what new in technology tickles the restless minds of the next generations.

Inverse does not divide its target audience based on gender, but its founder and core team says men are more interested in the things of the future; the boys who need not adorn a facade of being manlier than others.

The target audience of Inverse, which garnered over a million unique visitors in its first month, say the current generation of men are interested in the stories of the million galaxies and the best that technology has to offer, more so than women.

The editorial team, which works out of a residential duplex in Williamsburg, Virginia, says they are writing about what's next to come. What sets them apart, they say, is being among a host of magazines which are all about being men. The team says the prime conversations on the internet is about being the ‘ideal guy or our guy' but what they aim to do is start a parallel conversation about what interests any guy. The backhand work of the website is done by engineers who sit out of the company's office in San Francisco.

Inverse says it's trying to create a niche with a digital magazine that knows that any guy likes to read. It's like parallel cinema when it began ahead of time. But within one year, Inverse is already seeing results.

The founder of Inverse, Dave Nemetz, had founded the all-about-sports website, Bleacher Report, which he later managed to sell for a whopping $200 million. There's no official report on the seed funding Mr. Nemetz generated without having to deal with any advertising.

Inverse's managing directing is former Maxim guy Andrew Burmon who says a lot of the content of men's magazines is generated basis what advertisers say is in their interest.

Mr. Nemetz says that the team wants to build a target audience before they can start featuring relevant advertisements.

Visit the site, and you'll find stories ranging from anticipating a futuristic crisis, natural disasters and how they have occurred in the past and innovations in technology that can build a better future. Not to miss, the science and chill section is informative and intriguing, and one can divulge into everything entertainment, from the latest in Star Wars movie series and science fiction history. Also finding space of the website are the billion dollar companies and startups which are as curious about the planet as the young mind. The seduction of a different kind!