Instagram New Stories feature imitates Snapchat Story feature

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A recent blog post from Instagram announced a new change. It said the photo sharing app will now wear New Stories feature.
This feature will let the Instagrammers several snaps and videos in a single video. The video then is shareable to the followers. The users can type or even draw on the images. The video will be around for just 24 hours. After that, it will vanish.
A coloured ring around a profile will notify the new story from that person. Users will be able to see the stories of any person or page they follow. Users can tap to move through a story and swipe to jump to other.
The feature will be available to the Android and iOS users soon.
The new feature of Instagram looks a clone of Story feature Snapchat. The people who use Snapchat would point out the resemblance. Instagram hasn't told whether the New Stories would be savable or not as it is on Snapchat.
The imitation of Snapchat feature seems inherited by Instagram from parent company Facebook. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat ever since it came up which it failed in so far. Even Facebook products imitated some of the most popular features of it many a time. Facebook's acquisition of photo filter company MSQRD showed that it’s much obsessed with Snapchat. Back in 20123 Facebook even tried to start its ephemeral messaging service.
Instagram CEO in an interview with The New York Times, was all praise for ephemeral messaging services. He credited such companies for their work. He did not take the name of Snapchat though.
He further says that the feature would come handy for Instagram. The Instagram and the Snapchat are the present day platforms for brand promotion.
Instagram, with its Stories feature, seeks higher engagements from youngsters. Instagram can be a great filter and editor of the images, but then it fails in offering originality. The young Instagram users try to build a picture for themselves. They delete anything that doesn't suit them. This user behaviour is the worst thing on Instagram's part. That’s where Snapchat has the edge over it.
Stories on Instagram would have similar privacy settings as other posts. It's the choice of users whether to make them public or keep private. The users can also selectively block the stories for some followers. Instagram will also provide the details of these stories. Users can swipe to get the number of views in each photo and video.
There would be no liking or commenting options for these stories. The feedbacks would go through private messaging. Thus this feature becomes a more private thing.