Inside Purple’s Massive New Mattress Factory

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Purple is a Utah based company that uses the culmination experience of 20 years to create high tech sleep products. They are considered to be the pioneers in sleeping products as they are currently the only company in their line of work that is harnessing the true power of technology. Purple has applied complex aerospace materials to create high grade carbon fiber that has endless applications. This company started by creating a weight cushioning fluid dubbed as the Floam™, this was patented by five power house companies including Nike and Pearces, which used this fluid in their medical beds. With time, this company started to evolve at a fast rate due to their innovative discoveries and product developments.

However they finally cemented their position in the market back in 1996 when they invented the hyper elastic polymer™, this material actually had the capacity of stretching 15 times its size without diminishing in quality or leaving behind any stretch marks. They used this material to create superior cushioning technology that has gotten the attention of investors and customers from almost every state. Their impeccable vision of creating cushioning products that will optimize comfort for people all around the world has helped them achieve the market share that they enjoy today. But its looks like Purple has stepped up its game once again by targeting a niche in the market, what Purple has done is released a video that give everyone a tour of their new factory.

This video has actually gone viral and is going to expedite Purples rapid growth even more as more people are getting to know about this company. They have recently broken the kickstarter record in Utah for their latest product line as they managed to raise over $2.6 million dollars in a short span of time! It seems that Purple is just getting started as they are reinvesting their profits into helping them become a leading company in the industry. Basically Purple has used an innovative marketing strategy of posting interactive YouTube videos that helps raise awareness about their mattress technology. The last video they posted was about their massive new factory of 574,000 square feet, this video has also gone viral and now it seems Purple has really managed to harness the true power of the internet and social media platforms.

The video itself is quite educational and provides every viewer with a detailed analysis on their vision of creating cushioning products that will ensure optimum comfort. An executive explains how their vision has helped them achieve the rapid growth that they are enjoying and then takes everyone for a trip around the warehouse. They also provide a detailed analysis of how their technology was created and how it will completely revamp their industry and that’s not all, the representative also explains how the technology really works. This is what made the video viral as people were astonished on how innovative Purples mattresses really, as they combination of hyper elastic polymer and pressure realigned springs