Indian Based Doctor has managed to raise over $3M for Booking Platform

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An Indian health tech startup company called Lybrate is building the future of health care delivery and is revolutionizing the way patients can seek medical. They have created a seamless pathway through which patients can easily contact doctors that are in their proximity. Lybrate is India’s first mobile healthcare communication and delivery platform, this company has overcome the onerous hurdles that patients had to go through in order to receive medical help.

Their unique and unprecedented approach has not gone unnoticed as Lybrate has been on the receiving end for multiple accolades including “Most promising startup of the year VC Circle Health Care Awards 2015”, “ Best startup Transforming Healthcare with IT Awards” and the prestigious “Innovative Startup of the Year Entrepreneur India Awards 2015”. Currently Lybrate has now achieved an incredible milestone of raising over $3M to fund their booking platform and take this venture to new horizons.

Lybate was founded in 2013 and since they have come a very long way and their impeccable aim of helping patients connect with doctors in a seamless fashion is the underlining reason why they have achieved such rapid growth in just a few years. Besides providing patients with an innovative platform they have also provided an avenue for doctors to grow their practice and effortlessly manage their services as well. They employ over 90,000 certified doctors that have to pass through a stringent verification process and this list is still expanding.

Reasons why doctors are choosing Lybrate

Here are the top reasons why Lybrate’s list of doctors is increasing at a rapid rate,

Effective Patient Care

Lybrate has started a digital revolution in the Health Care Industry in India; they are offering paperless medical records and extensive patient management knowledge that enhances the doctor’s knowledge and the efficiency of their services.

Personalized Website

Lybrate also offers a personalized website that showcases the doctor’s experience and skills to a substantial amount of people. This increases the client base of the doctors and provides them with a platform to promote their services.

Smart Patient Care

Every doctor will have all the information they require before meeting the patient personally, this saves doctors substantial time and efforts.

Online Practice

Another reason why doctors are joining Lybrate is due to the fact that they are providing doctors a platform to easily provide patients with online consultation and also empowers the doctors to connect with thousands of patients globally.

Reasons why patients are using Lybrate

Besides helping doctors grow their practice, Lybrate is also providing an array of benefits to patients. These benefits are mentioned below.

Verified doctors

Every doctor that Lybrate employs has to pass a stringent test as a verification process. This ensures that only doctors with profound skills are offering their services to patients.

24/7 access to healthcare

This is probably the most profound reason why Lybrate has achieved such a success – the fact that they are providing easy access to doctors at any time!

Cost effective

Patients can actually save up to 70% of time and money spent seeking access to medical consultations.

Guaranteed services

If that’s not enough each patient is provided with a guarantee of services, if the patient is not satisfied they are entitled to a 100% refund!

All of these reasons exonerate the fact that Lybrate has targeted a niche in an extremely effective manner, only time can tell how this startup company will revolutionize the medical industry. Currently they only have one competitor in their market and due to the versatility of their services, they have surpassed them with immense ease.