New Huawei Fit Band 2 Pro just too perfect for fitness freaks

Huawei Fit Band 2 Pro
Huawei Fit Band 2 Pro
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Launched sometime back, Huawei Fit Band 2 Pro is too perfect for fitness freaks. This smart bracelet PMOLED Sports Tracker from the house of Huawei has all that a fitness freak looks for in a fitness tracker.

Designed to be compatible with iOS Android, Smart bracelet cum fitness tracker also features a perfect GPS heart rate monitor for an accurate heart rate monitoring anytime and anywhere.

PMOLED Display: One of the main highlights of this highly appreciated tracker is its PMOLED Display that offers spectacular clarity to the user both during day and night time.

You get a bright 128 x 64-pixel resolution on this brilliant display of this fitness tracker.

Design: Huawei fit band two pro Weighing about 45 grams, this silicone band watch is comfortable to wear and is exactly 43 x 43 x 13 mm in dimensions.

Seamless Comfort: On the other hand, users who have bought this smart tracker are all praises for its seamless comfort that doesn’t compromise with its bold style.

The smooth and ergonomic design of this tracker not only looks great but feels great too.

GPS Positioning: This newly launched smart fitness tracker from the house of Huawei comes fully equipped with an independent GPS system.

So, literally, with this bracelet on your wrist, you can never go wrong when heading to any particular location.

Powerful Battery: Incorporating a 100mAh Li-Po battery, this Huawei Fit Band 2 Bracelet offers an ultimate power for full 21 days on a single charge.

On the other hand, all it needs is about 1.5 hours to charge the watchfully.

Water Resistance: You need not worry about all those splashes while wearing this smart fitness tracker that boasts of incredible 5ATM Water Resistance feature. So, no matter, whether you are swimming, washing your hands or sweating, this tracker will still perform without fail.

Your Fitness Coach: With this Huawei Fit Band 2 Pro on your wrist, you get your fitness coach for comprehensive and accurate workout assistance. You can quickly get data records for your movement, distance, motion, speed, direction and heartbeat.

Track Your Run: Get assistance all through that morning run with the running tracker of this watch that coaches while recording data for each run of yours.

It helps calculate your VO2Max to boost up your stamina as well as distance for the next race. In fact, this smart feature of this tracker helps receive quick feedback for an optimal recovery by providing you with a tailored workout plan.

Easy Compatibility: One need not worry about connectivity when using this Huawei Fit Band 2 Pro Tracker because it can easily connect to a Huawei phone. You will never miss out a single alarm, message or call when your phone paired with this tracker.

Other Functions: Other exciting functions of this tracker include a Bluetooth call, health tracker, vibration alert system, built-in pressure and temperature sensor, smart notification, data management and professional training along with a built-in GPS.

Price & Availability: All one needs to spend to buy the new Huawei Fit Band 2 Pro is $59.99.