HTC finally rolled out its new standalone VR Headset Vive Focus

standalone VR Headset Vive Focus
standalone VR Headset Vive Focus
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Setting all rumors aside, HTC, the leading electronics maker has finally rolled out its much awaited Vive Focus standalone VR Headset. This device was launched at the recently held Vive Developers Conference that took place in Beijing.

Designed to offer the user to enjoy an ultimate virtual reality experience, this particular headset is truly worth buying. One of the main highlights of this newly launched HTC Vive Focus standalone VR Headset is the fact it comes equipped with a full 6 degrees of freedom for a superior tracking.

Launching Vive Focus, HTC has in fact replaced its earlier anticipated Daydream VR headset, which seems to be a strange yet practical move from the company officials.

Design & Display: Let’s start off with the display and design of this latest VR headset from the house of HTC. Well, it will feature a super high resolution AMOLED Display for beautiful visual effects. This is not all, this strap makes this headset easy to wear with an instant-on feature.

The head strap attached with it offers a comfortable fitting on the eyes and head. Moreover, the fact that this headset has been designed with a built-in water repellent padding makes it a perfect wear anywhere and anytime for a true VR experience.

Vive Wave VR Open Platform: Another thing appreciated and worth looking forward in this recently launched HTC Vive Focus standalone VR Headset is the fact that it comes optimized with the latest Vive Wave VR open platform that allows the talented developers to add on VR ready content without any difficulty.

Moreover, you can expect the VR content from popular Google Daydream VR and even Samsung Gear VR to arrive soon on Vive Wave soon, so you can enjoy that too on this particular VR headset.

3 Degrees of Freedom Controller: This newly unveiled VR headset from HTC comes with an ideal 3 degrees of freedom hand controller for an easy accessibility and wear by the users of all ages. While incorporating this controller, the headset nowhere seems to sacrifice the beauty of its design that adorns a beautiful bright blue colored hue.

Powerful Processor: You will be amazed to know that this innovative Vive Focus standalone VR Headset will come powered by none other than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC processor chipset.

Other Features: Designed for comfort this marvellous standalone VR headset from the house HTC doesn’t even need you to get external sensors or a gaming PC. Thanks to the new and advanced VR platform that has been compatible with this headset.

Price & Availability: Although, HTC has launched this standalone VR headset, it has not confirmed its actual availability in the market. At the moment, this device will be available in Chinese market but sooner or later it is expected to arrive in the U.S and U.K markets too.

Right now, we are still clueless about its pricing for the moment.

So stay tuned to grab the latest updates about the pricing as well as availability of the newly launched HTC Vive Focus standalone VR Headset.