How To Transform Your Home Into A Smart Home

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These days, there are so many innovative products out there that seemed impossible a few years ago. These products have completely changed everyone’s perspective and approach to life as these products are specifically designed to make our lives easier.

These products are brilliantly engineered to perfection and have taken customer convenience to a whole different level. This is exactly why these products are such a huge success in the market. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to live in a modern home that is equipped with the latest gadgets in the market? Some people have the common misconception that installing these smart home gadgets is just plain extravagance but such people are so wrong. These devices use the latest technological breakthroughs to make your home a safer and easier place to live in.

Gadgets you should consider to transform your Home

The following products are targeted for different aspects of your home. A combination of all of these products will no doubt transform your home into a smart one.

Ecobee3 Smart WIFI

This is the face of smart home technology as this advanced thermostat is giving home owner convenience levels that they could only be imagined in the past. This smart device is capable of learning your daily routine including preferred thermostat settings; besides this, the Ecobee3 can easily be integrated with any mobile device or tablet. Once the device has been integrated, you can make changes to the thermostat without even getting out of bed! If that’s not enough, it has been specifically designed to conserve energy keeping your expenses in check.

Philips HUE

Now let’s move onto the lighting system of your home. The most economical and effective product currently available in the market is the Philips HUE, this includes a whole set of light bulbs that can be integrated with any external device. Besides this, through your phone you can dim and change the colors of the light according to your mood and can turn your home’s lights on or off when you’re not home. It also conserves energy much more than the traditional boring lights that we all have in our homes.

August Smart Lock

Another economical gadget that will help transform your home into a smart home is the August Smart Lock. This product is one of the first of its kind as it has targeted a niche in the market. This device can easily be installed above your traditional lock. Once installed, it can be programmed to restrict access to unwanted visitors, and besides this, you can open your doors without keys!

ADT Security System

Last but not the least, to completely transform your home into a smart home, consider installing an ADT security system. ADT has been protecting homes in America since 140 years and every year they keep upgrading their systems according to the current trends in technology. This system enables the home owner to keep a watchful eye on his or her home through a simple mobile app, it also has top of the line equipment including motion sensors and high definition cameras. Besides this, it will alert you the moment a door or window is opened.

All of these gadgets mentioned above can help transform your home into a smart one, making your home more comfortable and safe at the same time.