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HCL Technologies
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Global Software services provider HCL Technologies, an IT company based out Noida, India has leapfrogged its contemporaries and peers in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain. It has just announced the release of two of its AI (artificial intelligence) backed services called ‘DRYiCE COPA’ and ‘DRYiCE TAO’. These two services are intended to provide a platform for process automation and strategic consultant services to the enterprises stationed all around the world.

This is not the first time HCL Technologies has dabbled with artificial intelligence backed services to cater to the business needs of enterprises. The India based IT service provider had two years ago released its first commercial artificial intelligence backed system named DRYiCETM.

Kalyan Kumar, CTO IT Services HCL Technologies had reported stellar feedback from clients regarding the work done by DRYiCETM. This earlier platform gave HCL the much-needed experience that one requires dealing with an artificial intelligence based system. HCL amassed gargantuan amounts of real world experience in regard to the practical aspects of A.I. applications.

DRYiCE Cognitive Orchestrated Process Autonomics (COPA)

It is a platform that uses elements powered by the might of artificial intelligence to help in facilitating an end to end automation and orchestration of IT and business processes which would help in creating a unified office.


It is a platform that also uses elements powered by the might of artificial intelligence to help in autonomics and orchestration assessment and strategy consulting service. Its prime objective is the enablement of organizations with artificial intelligence based services.

Tom Reuner, Senior Vice President Intelligent Automation at HfS Research talking about the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation mentions the ideology of OneOffice. OneOffice is a concept that HfS Research is propagating as the future of every business, what it signifies is that for business or organization to truly enable a digital experience, it’s back office, mid office, as well as front office, have to connect in all respects.

For this journey to be enabled and fast tracked, such that one (the organization) gains a strategic advantage over its peers, the orchestration of a set of automation measures is of paramount importance. This is what COPA promises to solve, i.e. COPA’s artificial intelligence will integrate a broad set of automation capabilities and provide the client organizations with the critical blocks required to build the and enhance their automation assets.

Both these tools will have the support of a set of two hundred autonomies specialists providing 24X7 backup just in case things decide to go awry at any point.